Jan 31 2009

My first official blog interview!

Published by Summer at 11:17 am under Hobbies, News

So if you don’t remember, I was the guest judge for the writing contest at Scribbit this last month and I chose this piece as the winner. Then I was interviewed by Michelle at scribbit herself and the interview is now up. So go check it out!

And for those who are visiting me from Scribbit for the first time, here are 25 more facts about me. Be sure to say hi as I’d love to get to know you better!

1. When I’m afraid of something, I make extra effort to face it. Like my fear of heights. I’ve been repelling several times and it gives me quite a rush after I’m finished but before and during the descent I can hardly grip the rope shake so bad.
2. I’ve done a lot of things I’ve been afraid of in my life just to prove I’m not afraid (or if was around guys) just to prove I was as tough as they were.
3. I really really love snakes. I think they’re absolutely gorgeous and fascinating and I want a pet snake someday
4. I really want to take trapeze lessons some time
5. I really love to write poetry and I like to try out different styles of it.
6. I would love to become a professional photgrapher. Maybe someday I’ll be able to afford a really nice camera and teach myself more about it.
7. I am a night owl. I regularly stay up till midnight and hate waking up before 9a.m.
8. My taste in movies varies greatly. Sometimes I really want a well made film or a film with a great plot and sometimes I don’t care how lame the movie is as long as it has lots of explosions. Oh and I just LOVE watching anything Jackie Chan. He is incredible!
9. Speaking of movies, I love Buster Keaton films. This guy was one of the first actor/stunt men in his profession and the stunts he does are incredible! He can move his body in crazy ways and he was a great silent screen comedian.
10. I’ve become a huge couponer. I hit my local drugstore at least once a week and get $50-$70 worth of product for about $15 these days. It’s my latest hobby.
11. My favorite movie ever is Batman Begins
12. My favorite books right now are North & South, The Princess Bride and Northanger Abbey
13. My least favorite chore is putting away laundry.
14. I went to a private school during my High School years
15. I really enjoy playing video games. That’s what I usually to do in my down time.
16. I love meeting new people. I use to be painfully shy but I’ve mostly overcome that over the years.
17. I really don’t like carrying a purse. In fact I’d never owned one till 3 years ago. But of course I’ve had to carry a diaper bag around during baby stages and when I go out couponing I need something to carry my coupons in. I would prefer to always take only my wallet with me. I love that I can slip it in my back pocket, stuff my keys in my jeans pocket and have my hands free.
18. I hate snow and cold. I dream of living in the desert.
19. I love being out in nature. Camping, hiking, backpacking, biking, etc. Too bad I never get to do those things anymore
20. My favorite dessert is tres leches cake, made by my hubby
21. I don’t mind getting wet or dirty. I’m the nut who runs into the downpour while the other grocery shoppers wait for it to let up before they go to their cars. I also really love camping (tent or under the stars. RVing is SO not camping) because I don’t have to shower.
22. I’d rather go through labor and delivery than visit the dentist. Dental work is the thing I fear most in life. Sad but true.
23. My favorite meal is a tender juicy steak with sauteed mushrooms and/or carmelized onions and roasted asparagus.
24. I’m always border line anemic when I get tested, therefore I’m always freezing to death when everyone else feels just right. If I ever visit and you’re heater mysteriously jumps to 80 degrees, it was probably no accident.
25. I’m the weird one who likes to watch needles get inserted into my arm when I get blood drawn. I find it fascinating.

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7 Comments to “My first official blog interview!”

  1. Carol VRNo Gravataron 31 Jan 2009 at 3:00 pm

    I would also love to learn trapeze. We could work for the circus!!!

    Carol VRs last blog post..I’ve been everywhere, where… I’ve been everywhere…

  2. Richelle FNo Gravataron 31 Jan 2009 at 8:56 pm

    I love the Princess Bride book! So great!

    I can not watch needles! Not on me or anyone else.

    Richelle Fs last blog post..

  3. StephanieNo Gravataron 31 Jan 2009 at 9:58 pm

    Ooooh. I love “25 things” posts. It’s so much fun to learn more about you, Summer.

    I’ve been repelling and I, too, was terrified. For some reason, rock climbing is okay with me, but repelling scares me to death. I think it’s the fact that you’re going down backwards.

    I can’t believe you love snakes! One of my friends in high school had one and I thought it was creepy. Especially because she had to feed them mice…live. *shudder*

    Based on your description, I definitely think you would love living in the desert. You should give Arizona a “look.” It’s the perfect place for hiking, biking, camping, backpacking, getting dirty, staying warm…and running into snakes. ;)

    Stephanies last blog post..Themed Weekend: What’s For Dinner?

  4. Michelle at ScribbitNo Gravataron 02 Feb 2009 at 4:58 pm

    It was nice working with you this month–My son is itching for a pet snake too.

    Michelle at Scribbits last blog post..The Best Write-Away Contest Yet

  5. An Ordinary MomNo Gravataron 03 Feb 2009 at 2:04 am

    I read the interview at Scribbit — fabulous stuff!

    An Ordinary Moms last blog post..My New Bargain Shoes

  6. TJ HirstNo Gravataron 03 Feb 2009 at 11:47 am

    Thanks for judging!

    TJ Hirsts last blog post..February TIWMT Book: The Fountainhead

  7. Amanda DNo Gravataron 04 Feb 2009 at 10:34 pm

    I love these lists. I learn so much about people! The North & South that you are reading, is it a movie made by BBC? I like snakes, but I wouldn’t say I love them. Getting my wisdom teeth out was worse than having my first child. And, I love to go camping but I hate to go hiking. Great list!

    Amanda Ds last blog post..Random Thoughts

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