I guess girls are verbal from the very beginning

My BABY is going to be TWO in April. She’s always been a little chatterbox but all the sudden she’s spouting out a new word every day.

Yesterday I sat down to read a picture book to her. I pointed to a picture and said, “Spoon.”
“Poon!” came the reply. She’d never said that before. I pointed to another picture and said, “Dress.”
“Dess!” she repeated. And she wasn’t even close to finished. In the space of that one reading session yesterday she repeated at least 20 words I had never heard her say before. I was flabbergasted! But when you consider my oldest didn’t talk till he was 3 and that my middle still has to have some speech therapy, maybe that explains my surprise.

I’ve heard that girls talk sooner but I’m sure that’s not always the case. When did your kids really become understandable? If you have kids of both gender did your girls talk sooner?

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Girls totally talk sooner. I had a boy first and got concerned when a girl buddy of his was chattering up a storm while he had just a few words. But he was also building metropolitan cities with Legos, while she couldn’t figure out how to put two together. They had different areas they were growing in at different times.

When he was four, his little sisters (age 2) spoke clearer than he did. It took awhile for him to catch up. All three of my girls spoke much earlier than he did.

Annettes last blog post..One Month! And, I’m Old.

My daughter was a bit of an early talker, I guess, but we also did “baby signs” with her. She was communicating upwards of 50 signed words, sometimes along with a verbal sound, just a little past her first birthday. Her first signed word was “hat” at 7 month. But for true *talking*, most words didn’t really start emerging until between 18 months and 2 years, but by 2 years she was talking quite a bit.

I didn’t ever really get into baby signs with my boys, so I’m not sure how much of her talking was influence by signs vs. gender. My first son was saying words at that same age, but not nearly as much in the way of vocabulary and sentences.

Becky Newsons last blog post.."Snow" Day

My oldest was walking AND talking at 10 months old. However, my second daughter wouldn’t speak until almost 18 months old (and didn’t walk until 15 months old), and yet she’s the actress in the family.
My boys were also quiet like my second daughter (and they still don’t speak nearly as often). They mostly grunted until they were almost two. :)

cheryls last blog post..Stuffy, Stuff, Stuff

With my two girls, Becca started talking much sooner. Emma didn’t talk much till she was three, and Becca was coming out with full sentences shortly before she turned two. Really threw me for a loop!

My daughter was babbling from the beginning. I swear she never stopped making noise! LOL She had about 10 words at 10 months old and by 13 or 14 was talking in understandable phrases. I’m curious to see what this little boy in my tummy does compared to her!

flip flop mamas last blog post..Photo Shoot

Summer, you were talking in sentences at age 18 months. I think you’re little girl is just taking after you.

My daughter (the oldest) has always been a chatter bo and has thought it nothing to walk up to complete strangers from day one to talk. Her favorite line when she was a tot… “Do you want to be my friend?”. We could be anywhere from the doctors office, the park, the library, you name it and she would always find someone to wangle up a friendship with.

Carol VRs last blog post..For safekeeping…

Honestly Max didn’t start talking properly until he turned 5. Jessamine was born talking. If she’s awake she’s talking. If it wasn’t so cute it’d be annoying.

Memarie Lanes last blog post..Goodbye

I’ve only had a boy, so I can’t say. But C is the same age AND the same talking stage as Angel girl. Adding new words every day, and I have no clue where from. He has taken to saying very dramatically, “ohhh…my gosssshhh!” and his longest sentence is “where did did go?” (where did IT go) or “where did dad go?”

kennas last blog post..They were rude. And when I asked them to be nice, they were even more rude.

My kids are not typical, I guess. All three (1boy, 2girls) spoke fairly early, and in complete sentences before age two.

But of the three, only one was understandable to anyone other than me. The other two were mostly unintelligible until age 4. (And still hard to understand at 6 and 9 when they’re upset)

The clear talker? The boy.

I don’t know what that’s supposed to mean…

I don’t have anyone to “compare” her too (nor do I want to…), but my daughter (almost 2 1/2) talks in complete sentences and is completely understandable about 95% of the time. She has a large vocabulary and actually has pretty good grammatical structure too. I’m so happy that she is able to communicate so well because it certainly makes like easier…

Yet another reason why I really like this stage/age. Two is terrific.

Stephanies last blog post..Tuesday Tours: What’s Happening on the Web

People keep telling me that Punkin was a freakishly early speaker, so I might not be a good example, but Punkin started doing what you described at about 16-18 months. I attribute this (if it is abnormal) entirely to the fact that she is an only child and the two of us spend a lot of time alone together. And I unconsciously correct her pronunciation of words, and demand that she repeat things that I don’t understand until I figure out what she’s saying (and then correct her pronunciation). But since she’s turned 2 her vocab has completely skyrocketed, even from where it was before. Full complex sentences.

Uh… hope that helps. Sounds like your little girl is like you, according to your Mum

Thalia’s Childs last blog post..Where’d Daddy Go?

My girls talked at different times. Girlie Girl knew her alphabet at 18 months. However, Baby Bug just turned 3 and I still can’t understand most of what she says. :-)

Well, I don’t have any girls, so I don’t know about that. But if you want someone to comment on a blog, all you have to do is ask a question about their kids! ;) My oldest absolutely blew us away. He started saying words very young and was speaking better than his 3 year old cousins by the time he was 18 months. His little brother, now a year old, has just been starting to say words but they sound more like a baby is saying them at this point. A little later to start (but I must add how very strong he is to make up for it!).

Laurels last blog post..Discovering History

Oh, Emma is a talker!! She really didn’t say a whole lot until she was about 1.5 years old, but after that….she made up for lost time!!

Jackis last blog post..Just sign on the dotted line…

Hee hee! My oldest was stringing together complex paragraphs by the age my youngest is now. He mostly prefers to lie on the floor, push toy cars around and make engine noises… :tongue:
Childlifes last blog post..The Hamster Situation: One DOA, One On The Lam, One In Custody…

I have had the exact same observations!

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