Absolutely uninspired

I never thought I would get to this point. The point where I really don’t know why I’m blogging here anymore. Oh, my stats are the same as they’ve been for over a year, comments are down a bit but we all go through comment slumps.

I just feel like I’ve lost my spark. I really don’t know that anything I’m writing is of interest, even to myself. I’ve considered several times just calling it quits and I think I’m getting closer and closer to that point. I knew something was up when I actually felt relieved that my blog was gone (when I thought it had been deleted a little while ago). Then I got it back and started trudging through, writing again.

Maybe you can help me out. What do you want to see me write about? Why did you start reading in the first place? Is there any content I’ve veered away from that you miss? I just don’t know if I can find the inspiration to keep this up over here anymore.

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I check your blog every day. I love to hear the little anecdotes about your everyday family life. You have such a magical way of describing things that would otherwise seem ordinary. And the things you talk about are things that are so easy to relate to. And even if you only come up with something once a week, it is always worth waiting for. Plus, your kids will love to read the funny little things about themselves as they get older and then one day have kids of their own. Hope you hang in there. love you mucho - mom

You know, everyone goes through this to some degree or other. And it’s OK. Take a hiatus for a bit. From what I see, you have quite a few loyal readers so no worries! We’ll read when you post and we’ll wait while you don’t. That sounds like I’m telling you not to give up blogging and that’s not the case… do what you need to do and we’ll be fine with it.
Btw - I can’t remember how I found you but am so glad I did.

Well, I’m not sure I can say anything encouraging, as I haven’t blogged in about a week and a half, myself, despite a huge laundry list of things I want to get recorded.

I read your blog because I like to know what’s going on in your life. I’m nosy like that. ;) I enjoy your perspective, and you always write clean, well-put-together posts. My favorite things are glimpses into your daily life (like the silly things your boys say, or the mishaps that throw an entire day or more for a loop, and so on). I’m anxiously waiting for you to reach a point where you are able/willing to finish your “fateful day” series.

But I can understand if you need a break, or more. Especially with writing a book.

Myself, I’ve found little mini-updates in FaceBook to be more satisfying than spending a few hours typing up a monster post on my blog… but I use my blog sort of as my journal, so I’m not willing to give it up even when I drag my feet about it.

Becky Newsons last blog post..The Circus

You should post a chapter (or small snippet) of the book you wrote.

Serges last blog post..Enjoying some cereal

I started reading your blog, Summer, because I liked/like your writing voice. I liked/like that you were/are a positive voice in the bloggy world! I’ve definitely gone through a time when I really did walk away from my blog for a while. I was feeling like blogging was job and that I had to invest way too much time into it. So…I took time away (as you know) and made some decisions about what I wanted to do. It was amazing to me how liberated I felt. I have always had a separate blog that is our family journal (you know…recording the happenings/pictures/etc. of our family) and a blog where I just get to write what I am thinking and feeling…and that’s what I’ve come back to. Writing down my thoughts and feelings…I no longer feel pressure to write anything interesting or comment generating…I just write for me and if somebody makes a comment - yes, it still makes my day - it is icing on the cake. I would be sad :sad: if you decided to give up blogging all together, but I completely understand how you are feeling. HUGS! :heart:
Leslies last blog post..The First of the Lasts

You know, I’ve felt the same way. Sometimes I have to force myself to come up with a blog post. I actually have really cut back on my blogging, including visiting others and commenting. It just took too much time. I’m easing back into it, but not at the same level.

Take a break. Don’t worry about any of us. You’ll still be in our google readers and when you do post, we’ll be here!

Hollys last blog post..Facebook

Perhaps part of the reason you feel uninspired is that you recently poured so much writing and effort into your book. If you need a break don’t feel badly taking one. But I hope you do come back to it, I’ve enjoyed reading.

Jennys last blog post..Hurray for Spring

Recipes, quirks, crafts, sillyness

Carol VRs last blog post..Where can I hide the cauliflower???

I enjoyed the fiction you’ve posted. As well as your family updates.

Mrs. Organics last blog post..From Space, y’all - From Space!

The thing about blogging that I really like is the fact that it is your blog, and you can do whatever you want, whenever you want. If you want to take a month off, that’s okay - if someone gets mad at you, that’s their problem. I say do what you want, and don’t feel pressured to post at a certain time, or write certain things, because it belongs to you and you can make it what you want.

Erins last blog post..Question For the Day

I have no idea what I was looking up when I found your blog. I know it found the one of your son swallowing a quarter and I laughed so hard that I called my husband in and read the post to him.

I don’t know you, but I do idetify with your feelings. We all get them. We all have those moments where we wonder what the hell we did to end up here and when is it our turn.

As for medical problems, I can identify. They all cause mental problems. Listen closely……if you know something’s wrong, it IS WRONG. You know your body better than any expert, spouse, or parent ever will.

What am I interested in reading? I like your style. Write what inspires you and worry less about what people want.

I say follow your heart. If you’re tired of it, it’s okay to say “sayanara.” But if you love it or think it’s just a hump in the road, then keep trudging along…

I’d love to see more photos of you and your family (if you do that kind of thing).

And I always enjoy learning more about who you are - your hobbies, your background, your favorite movies, etc. :)

Stephanies last blog post..Tuesday Tours: What’s Happening on the Web

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