I HATE Ticks!

I don’t usually have a problem with bugs. Sometimes they sneak up on me and scare me, but overall I find them fascinating and am never too bothered by them. Yes cockroaches and mosquitos are filthy and annoying but I wouldn’t go so far as to say they are the scourge of the earth. Every thing serves its purpose right? Well after today I can actually say there is a bug I abhor!

We went to the park yesterday and enjoyed a gorgeous 70 degree, sunny day. As we were leaving the park I saw something crawling in sassypants’ hair. I knew it right away to be a tick and I promptly flicked it out of her hair. I thought nothing more about it until this morning when I was combing my litle daughters hair and noticed what I thought was a large scab. But upon closer examination I discovered the ’scab’ had legs and was instantly appaled. She must have had TWO of the cursed things crawling through her hair. Though it looked like a dead bug flattened against her head I knew otherwise and knew I needed to get it out soon. I remembered hearing something about vaseline or matches and the like but decided to do some research to make sure I removed it properly. Turns out all you need is a good pair of tweezers and a person who is willing to weild them.

I strapped Sassypants into her high chair and then my husband had to hold her arms down while she squirmed and screamed and cried over my messing with her hair trying to get a good angle. I put the tweezers to her skin where the tick was latched on and pulled it firmly out. It started wiggling as I did so. *shudder*

I disposed of the thing, feeling my skin crawl the entire time and then poured some peroxide on the small but bloody hole in my daughters skin. Yes, seeing something latched on to my daughters head, that had been sucking the blood out of her for around 24 hours has me very decided that ticks are the scourge of all the earth. I don’t think it was a nymphal deer tick since it was rather large but I’ll still be checking her head every day for signs of a rash.

So just a word of caution if you are out and about at the park or in the woods, don’t forget to check for those evil little blood suckers!

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Thanks for the reminder. We went out yesterday and it hadn’t even crossed my mind - I immediately checked both the kids as soon as I read this.

Melinda got the tiniest little tick on her last summer. I couldn’t even believe how small it was. I would have never noticed it without her pointing it out to me (she thought it was dirt stuck to her side), or doing a very thorough check. I was like you - remembered fire/oil/other random methods, researched it quickly first, and then just pulled it with tweezers after finding good info.
Photos of the little bug here:

Becky Newsons last blog post..The Circus

I got the heebie-jeebies just reading about it. I think I’d make my husband check my head, just to be sure. {Shudder}

Mrs. Organics last blog post..Another slew of sunny, sandy places

Are these the same things that cause Lyme Disease?

Carol VRs last blog post..St. Thomas - THE RAILWAY CAPITAL OF CANADA

Yeah, nymphal deer ticks are the perpetrators. They don’t usually start transmitting the disease until 36 hours or more after latching on though.

Oh ugh! That would freak me out no end!

Kimberlys last blog post..I Want to be THAT Woman

Yuck! At least you found it!

Richelle Fs last blog post..Happy Easter

Oh No!. Since we live in Michigan, we do have deer ticks and I have always been scared about the boys getting them. It was ironic to read your post right after I posted my Weekend Top five though, because in it I mention wheat happened when I mentioned ticks to my son. He freaked out and was scared to hiking on any of the trails with us for the rest of the afternoon. I can;t imagine what he would be like if we actually found one on him.

It’s a good thing you found it when you did.

Kristis last blog post..Weekend Top Five: 4/20/09

You GOTTA be sure to check every inch. Twenty-some years ago, we had to remove a tick from our toddlers testicles. Not fun.

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