Apr 15 2009

Ten things about me

Published by Summer at 1:09 pm under Memes

My friend Danielle, who is fairly new to the blogging world, tagged me a while ago and now I feel I must finally get around to obliging her. Here are ten things you quite possibly didn’t know about me:

1. I am all about texture when it comes to pasta. You can make a delicious creamy pasta sauce but if you put it over the wrong noodles, it just won’t taste as good. I’m not a big fan of Rotini, Rotelle or Cavatappi and Penne is only ok as long as it is smothered in sauce which coats the inside and outside of the tube.

2. Half melted Reese’s Pieces are my ultimate indulgence. I pour some onto a saucer and then nuke them for anywhere from 15-25 seconds (depending on the amount). When the shells start to crack and they feel warm from the outside they are ready. Bight into the crisp shell and then feel the molten peanut butter goodness coat your mouth! Oh, it’s heavenly!

3. I am a pianist but not of the technical variety. I’ve always disliked music theory and can play a piece much better if I hear it first. I’ve always dreamt of putting out a CD of my original compositions of which I currently have five. But first I probably ought to learn how to write music huh?

4. I’m a very speedy reader, even if the novel I’m reading isn’t so good.

5. I was born without my upper lateral incisors and when I was 14 my mom had the dentist put veneers on my canines so I would started smiling open mouthed. I thought I looked like a vampire.

6. When I was about 13, I developed a fascination with learning about pirates, particularly those few females who took to the high seas. If you haven’t read about Mary Read or Anne Bonny you’re missing out. I suppose I was drawn toward pirates because I’ve always dreamed of big adventures, though of course piracy is hardly as thrilling as what the movies make it out to be.

7. I love the smell off garlic being sauteed in a skillet.

8. I also love the smell of very old books and documents. When I visit the local archives in my genealogy research, I often request to see historical volumes (200 to 400 years old) of land documents or court proceedings and after they’ve been delivered I have a hard time not just pressing my nose to the fragile pages and inhaling deeply.

9. I love waking up to the sound of rain in the morning. The soft pitter patter on my window is so relaxing.

10. I also have a frugal blog in addition to this one, authored under a screen name that I’ve only told select people about. People that I know personally or trust. Why? Because I often state there, where I live and I haven’t done that on this blog so far. But in my effort to get over my, nonsensical paranoia (as hubby terms it) I’m coming out today and letting you all know I live in Maryland. There, I said it and if you’d like to visit my frugal blog where I post daily about freebies, coupons, coupon matchups for weekly store ads, giveaways, etc. then come visit me at Perfectly Provident

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4 Comments to “Ten things about me”

  1. sariqdNo Gravataron 15 Apr 2009 at 2:59 pm

    You know that there are programs out there that can “write” your music for you? A lot of musicians do that nowadays…

  2. flip flop mamaNo Gravataron 15 Apr 2009 at 4:15 pm

    I never would have thought you lived in Maryland…

    flip flop mamas last blog post..Where to sleep?

  3. Jordan (MamaBlogga)No Gravataron 15 Apr 2009 at 4:43 pm

    Weird—we have defective upper lateral incisor genes in my family, too! I only have one, and that one’s undersized. My “peg” tooth and my other canine were rebuilt with resin a little over 10 years ago, which I’m really starting to think needs to be replaced.

    Jordan (MamaBlogga)s last blog post..Thoughts on motherhood–from people other than me

  4. Mrs. OrganicNo Gravataron 15 Apr 2009 at 5:34 pm

    #4 - somehow I knew that one. #7 and #8 - sniffff (me too).

    Mrs. Organics last blog post..So glad I spent all that time on my hair today

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