I like to regularly visit the blogs listed below. I am however, in no way responsible for the content appearing on those blogs, nor does my linking to them mean that I agree with everything they post.

Mom Blogs - Giveaways, Columns, Community and more. 5MinutesforMom is a resource every mom blogger should have on their blogroll.

Photobucket Kailani’s blog was one of the very first I stumbled upon as I delved into the blogging world. She has the most unique blog design and her content is always upbeat. Lots of fun posts about her kids, life as a flight attendant and plenty of giveaways for great products. - Stephanie is a blogger I recently found and while she has tons of great giveaways, that’s not why I stuck around. My favorite posts are her more personal ones about her life with two sweet girls and what it means to her to be a momma.

An Ordinary Mom - Lucy’s posts often provide a thoughtful look into the spiritual aspect of motherhood. I like her positive messages of encouragement through the face of adversity.

Chasing Myself - Janice is mom to two teenage boys and one sweet little guy in Heaven. She’s going through the woes of nursing school at present. She keep me entertained with stories about her boys and her nursing program.

Confessions of a Pioneer Woman - Who doesn’t read the Pioneer Woman? With her crazy good pictures, story telling and interesting farm life, who wouldn’t become an instant fan?

Happy Meets Crazy - Cheryl has a lot to say and that’s not a bad thing. I like the ecclectic mix of posts she puts up and her way of referencing those who view her posts as “dear reader”.

MamaBlogga - Jordan puts up great how to posts about blogging and thoughtful posts about motherhood.

Memarie Lane - Marie is no longer active in the blogging world but her archives are definitely worth reading.

Positively Organic - Corrie posts about her life with five kids, one of whom suffered a severe vaccine reaction when he was a baby that severely handicapped him. Her courage as she faces new challenges with him is inspiring.

Richelle’s Reflections - Richelle blogs about her two kids and some of the creative projects she sews. I wish I knew how to sew like her.

Scribbit - Michelle has a great blog going on. She has regular columns, giveaways and features and is far more organized blogwise than I am. She’s also very good at expressing herself and I enjoy her stories about her kids and life in Alaska.

Shooting Space - Meg is a writer after my liking. Thoughtful, dramatic and easily able to carry you into the portrait of her words. She’s newly engaged so writing is sparse at the moment, but when she does post it’s a treat.

Strange Pulse - I enjoy Susan’s stories about her teens and her adventures with old cameras. Including her collection and the pictures she takes with each.

Temporary? Insanity - How can I possibly do justice to Kym’s blog? I was drawn in by her writing and now I’ve found so much more to connect with her on. She’s open about her life, her inhibitions, her struggles, her joys and she writes them in a such a poignant way. She a way of painting a beautiful picture in your mind and making you crave more of what she has to say.

The Lyon’s Tale - Annette is a published author of LDS Historical fiction. I enjoy her writing style and her Word Nerd Wednesday posts.

Twas Brillig - I’m a fan of Lewis Carroll so the moment I saw Brillig’s link on someone’s blog roll I had to click on it. I wasn’t disappointed. Brillig has led a very interesting life and she has no inhibtions about sharing all the juicy details of it.

You Just Gotta Laugh - Leslie’s title reflects the content of her posts. She’s a busy mom who picks out the positive in life.

Friends and Family

Catching up with the Paxton’s - The Paxton’s are a nice family we got to know when they lived in our area.
Dream Awake - I enjoy keeping up with Emily and like her writing style and posts about her daughter. She has one on the way as well.
Edge of the Ocean - Jenni is my sweet niece in law. I like to read about her adventures in dancing and with boys. Don’t worry Jenni. You’ll find the right one soon!
Give Mease a Chance - I didn’t get to know the Mease’s well enough! They were only in our area for a year but I’m glad I have the blogging world to keep up with them.
Good Times with the McBrides - Dinah is a sweet mom of 3 girls with #4 on the way (another girl)!
Grow Family - The Grow’s just welcomed child #3 into their home.
Heiser Happenings - Andrea just recently joined the blogging world. So stop on by and say hi!
Here’s Our Adventure - Mike and Jody are such nice people. I’m sad they’ve moved far away.
Hopeful Hominid - Don’t you just love that title? Nikki is an old school friend I recently reconnected with. She’s got some great insightful posts.
Jen & Serge - I really enjoy Jen’s informative posts about birthing and her updates about her cute kids.
Kennalynn - Kenna is an old friend I reconnected with recently. She still has all the wit, sass and charm I remember of her and I love how well her personality is reflected in her posts.
Little Fingerprints - Jenn is another friend I didn’t get to have around long enough. She’s a great lady and mom of five.
Living Out Loud Every Day - Mishel is a new friend I’ve recently made and I really enjoy her posts.
Lyndi of the Clan Lou - Her blog title alone shows what a cute, quirky personality Lyndi has. I’m glad she found me on facebook after all these years.
Loni’s Argyle Socks - One of my long time friends and an adventuresome spirit. Loni and her husband will soon be dealing with army life and all the uncertainty it brings.
Magnify & Glorify This Day - The title of Natalie’s blog says a lot about her. She is the most positive, joyous person I’ve ever met.
Meisha in Progress - Michelle has long been my closest friend. I love her to pieces!
Patter Jabber - Life in the army. Life in the army stationed in Germany. I enjoy reading about Emma’s adventures overseas.
Ree Writes - Ree is such a fun, bright person. She wore a hot pink choker at her wedding and loves all things girly. But don’t let that fool you. She’s also an English Major and very smart.
Stacie’s Musings - Stacie’s photography is just gorgeous!
The Best Blog - Katrina just recently had her third baby, a son and I’m so happy for her because she lost her second child not too long ago.
The Giffords - Christy is my niece in law. I don’t know her very well yet but since I recently found her blog, I hope that will change.
The Gwilliam Gazette - The Gwilliam’s are a wonderful couple who moved into our area not too long ago. They just added a little guy to their family.
The Hatch Batch - I don’t get to see Megan as much as I’d like, so I enjoy updates about her and her cute little family.
The Kirwan’s - We sure do miss the Kirwan’s. They graduated from their PhD program early (lucky ducks) and left us behind.
The Newson Narrative - Becky is a friend of mine who writes about life with three kids. She is one busy lady!
The Pezely’s - Danielle is such a kind person. She is a hard worker and has a beautiful singing voice.
The Preece Family - Jenny is smart and gorgeous and she just exudes happiness and confidence. I really miss having her around.
Zaney Laney’s - Laurel is a great mom to her two cute little boys.