We know how to celebrate the New Year

Four or Five years ago today, when Obi Wan was twoish, Tom and I were getting the boys ready for bed. It was around 8:30p.m. so they were already up past their bed time and were wired accordingly. They were wrestling and chasing each other around the living room as I tried to wrangle them in to get their pajamas on. Suddenly Count Dooku grabbed the neck of Obi Wans shirt and yanked him backward, straight into the corner of the wall. Tom grabbed Count Dooku to discipline him and I picked up Obi Wan and held him to my chest to comfort him as big tears rolled down his cheeks. I put my hand on his head and gently coaxed him to calm down. A moment later I realized my hand felt wet and I was terrified as I removed it to see bright red blood all over it. It took only a moment to find the deep gash in his head and realize that it needed a hospital’s attention.

I covered his head in a towel and rushed us to the emergency room where I was sure a little thing like stitches would require a long nights wait. But the ER was virtually empty and we were taken back within 15 minutes. It was awful to have to help the doctor and nurse hold my son down as they stitched up his head. He cried and screamed the whole time, even though they had given him local anesthetic. It was about 9:30p.m. when he and I made it back home. After he went to bed I did too. That was enough excitement for New Years Eve.

Fast forward a few years later to today. When I got Angel girl up this morning and kissed her face I thought she smelled a little, off. But I didn’t think much of it. I got her dressed, fed her breakfast and then held her since she was unusually cuddly. As I held her to my chest in a chair she suddenly sounded as if she were gasping for breath and a moment later I felt warmth through my jeans. I pulled her back and another blast of vomit ensued from her poor little mouth. She was drenched, I was drenched and it was then that the off smell and the unsual cuddliness made sense. After getting us both showered off I checked her crib and she had indeed vomited in there during the night. Now I get to ring in the new year with a sick child.

At least we ended both years with a bang I suppose.

My Quirky Baby

My darling daughter is such a bright spot in my life. She has the ability to make me smile and laugh all through the day. She also has an uncanny ability to bring the high gooey voice and sweetsie baby talk out of me. I try not to do it but sometimes I can’t help it. Here in no particular order are my recent observations of her:

1. She says Hi, Bye, Uh Oh, Up pwease and No! We know she has more words than that but she’s a girlie of few words (hmmmm…takes after the grandma I think)

2. When she really really wants a bite of that ice cream I’m eating, or the chocolate daddy is eating, she stands in a type of horse stance and lifts each leg up and down in a little dance, babbling uncontrollably with “pwease” interspersed until we give into her adorableness.

3. She loves to dance to the Imagination Movers CD. And when I say dance I mean she likes to turn around in circles over and over and over and over…

4. Her favorite song is the ABC’s. She slurs it all together when she sings along but occasionally I’ll catch an A,B,O,T or other letter in there.

5. She can be counted on to refuse to nap at least once a week. Today for instance she spent 2 hours babbling, singing and laughing to herself in her crib before I acknowledged it just wasn’t gonna happen.

6. Lately, when I change her diaper she’ll squeeze her little butt cheeks together right when I’m wiping and laugh at me as I try to pull the wipe out and end up ripping it into little shreds instead.

7. She likes to push on daddy’s nose and hear him say, “HONK!”

8. She’s most ticklish when you put the top of your head against her belly and rub rub rub.

9. She still has a 4 toothed grin. She’s got molars in the back on both sides now but no teeth in between yet.

10. She blows kisses to me when I leave or say good night. Most of the time her hand will go up and back down before she’s able to produce a smacking sound. Makes it even more endearing.

11. If the boys are laughing at some joke she’ll start fake laughing to feel included which makes all of us laugh even harder.

12. When I bring out the pajamas at night and try to get her to come get them on she shouts “No!” and either runs away or into daddy’s arms, falsely assuming he’ll save her from bed time.

13. I can’t get her to touch any type of fruit. Once the baby food stage was over all she would eat were bananas and now she shuns those as well. I’ve tried fresh and canned everything and she’ll have nothing to do with it. The most fruit I can get into her is through fruit juice and yogurt. Oh and she hates fruit in her yogurt just like mommy.

14. She prefers baseball caps to bows, much to my chagrin. I have grand plans to doll her up as a flower girl at her aunt’s wedding but I’m predicting she won’t cooperate.

15. In my completely unbiased opinion, she’s the most adorable and sweet baby girl in the world.

Mommy Thoughts

* What is it about a child’s taste buds that makes them turn their nose down at something as delicious as apple pie, but greedily scarf down a Peanut Butter, Honey & Cheese Sandwich?

* Why will the baby girl willingly put daddy’s hats on her head but pull a light weight bow out of her hair the second I put it in?

* How can the kids listen to one song 50 times in a row and not be sick of it? How can they dance to one song 50 times in a row and not be ready to drop from exhaustion?

* Why does, “Go play in your room,” mean “Ransack the place” to my sons?

* Why is a stubborn “NO!” from a baby girl’s mouth so very adorable?

* How is the amount of love I feel for each of them even possible? Sometimes it overwhelms me.

Toy Fruit?

So real in both appearance and weight…

…the baby just had to try it.

Protected: Heartache

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A little bit of drama, a whole lot of sweet

I never thought a baby girl would be that much different from a baby boy. Well, excepting anatomy of course. But I’ve changed my mind since having one - we women are doomed from the start.

An initial emotion may be one of sadness or frustration, but she doesn’t let it stay at that. No, she goes for added volume just to be extra clear about what she’s feeling. She’s finally learned that throwing her body backwards and hitting her head on the floor when she’s mad does more harm than good - now she kicks her legs wildly instead. Or if she’s in my arms she kicks and flails and hyperventilates as well. It’s quite a display. Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I want to cry and sometimes I want to cuddle her and say, “Yeah, some days I just want to throw myself on the floor and kick and scream and hyperventilate too.”

She’s like an over filled water balloon. Always on the verge of bursting. She’s not even a teenager yet! But the drama can only last so long and then it’s back to that 4 toothed grin that makes me melt. It’s back to the toddling/stumbling around the house while babbling that never fails to make me smile. Back to the intense concentration of trying to fit a square block into a round hole. The drama comes and goes but there’s always an Angel underneath that I can’t seem to get enough of.

Weaning Woes

I don’t know about you, but when my milk started going, so did my physical appearance. I need a good bra and a hair thickener. Help!

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