Things I love about Sassypants

* Her golden curls that bob up and down whenever she runs
* Her chubby cheeks that just beg to be kissed all day long
* Her buddha belly that sticks out exaggeratedly from the rest of her body
* Her gap toothed smiles
* Her squeals and laughter when she’s being tickled
* Her shouting “Nyo!” at me when she doesn’t want something
* Her saying sweetly with a smile, “Yah!” when she does want something
* Her ability to recognize chocolate (even in its smallest amount) in anything and the ensuing cries for “Gockits!” she gives out.
* Her desire to wear her pink sun shades for nap time today.
* Her extreme hyperventilating and instant melt down when I took the sun shades away.
* Her amazing, full hyperventilation stop when I gave them back
* Her rosy cheeks and matted hair when she wakes up
* Her wet kisses
* Her reaching for my finger and holding it tightly whenever we walk anywhere.

My baby recently turned two. I can’t believe it! I am so in love with my Sassypants!


Did you know that seven is my favorite number? It always has been. Two is my second favorite number.

Recently, my oldest kiddo turned seven. Seven! Each year he gets older and yet somehow I’m in disbelief over that fact every time. It means that I must be getting older too. Not fair!

As I wished him a happy birthday he said, “Mom, look at this!” With that he ran down the hallway and back out as fast as he could and proudly told me when he returned, “I can run faster today than yesterday when I was six!”

At breakfast that morning as he ate his cereal he stuck his scrawny 7 year old arm in the air and flexed his muscles exclaiming, “My muscles are bigger now that I’m seven!”

All I could do was nod my head and chuckle, thankful that his youthful exuberance hasn’t left him yet. If only he could hold onto it forever…

How I spent my birthday

Because I’m sure you’re all just dying to know.

I spent pretty much the whole first half of my special day recently, emptying every cupboard and drawer in my kitchen and piling the contents up on the table.

Why, you ask?

Why in anticipation of the exterminator of course. After brusquely opening the cupboard one morning and having a cockroach flung STRAIGHT INTO MY EYE, I decided they must die. I suppose the exterminator coming was as good a birthday present as any. Though it involved more work than I would have liked. And just so you know, admitting on here that we’ve got a little roach problem right now took more guts than I thought I had. I keep things very clean, I really do. I don’t know why roaches are invading my home. Some new tenant must have brought them in to the building.

Anyway, that’s pretty much what I did yesterday. So after all that was done I then put everything back. The hubby brought me home some baby back ribs and he made me some maple blonde brownies with vanilla ice cream and butter sauce. Absolutely SUPERB and the best way to end a birthday!

For me?!?!?

Tonight being my last night here in Houston and all, Angel girl, my grandparents and I went over to my Aunt’s house to have a barbecue. She makes some good burgers! We had finished up dinner and I was trying to keep the baby entertained while my Aunt and Grandma cleared off the table when all the sudden a cake was placed in front of me that said Happy Birthday Summer! My Aunt lit the candles and they all sang to me. My birthday isn’t for a while yet but they wanted to have a mini celebration with me.

I’m one who absolutely LOVES surprises but rarely get any so this made me just a little teary. It was so unexpected and so sweet. I even got a present, a new journal which I’ve no doubt I’ll make good use of. Thanks so much grandma! (I know it was all your idea you sly granny you)

The non-birthday party

Count Dooku’s being in school was a very good thing this year. I didn’t feel like throwing a party and so I didn’t have too. I made 30 cupcakes in Spiderman tins, decorated each of them with white frosting and a black spider’s web, bought 30 juice boxes and took it all in to his classmates. He was completely satisfied. Thought it was a great party, and so did I.

No real clean up, no game planning, treat boxes, thank you cards, wrapping paper, etc. Was I feeling lazy or what? We had a quiet pizza dinner that night followed by chocolate cake (except for me of course) and the opening of three little presents. He is very proud that he is now 6 years old.

In other news, I really haven’t had much blog inspiration of late. I guess I’m going through a bout of blogger’s block. Although I think it may be due to my excessive playing with my new toy, Photoshop Elements 4.0 for Mac. I got it for a steal on ebay and it’s fantastic. Although I actually really haven’t used it for photos. I’ve been busy creating digital scrapbook kits which I plan to use in mylatest business attempt. I want to try to feel like I’m contributing to the income in some manner. Or at least earning money for that Wii I so desire.

Summer out.


Birthday Happenings

I celebrated another birthday recently. I slept in till 8:30 a.m. Yeah, that’s sleeping in around here. Sad, isn’t it? And when I awoke the smell of fried potatoes was drifting into my room. The boys both came in about then and yelled Happy Birthday and proceeded to ask me questions like, “When is your party?” “Are you making a cake?” and “Can you buy me a present for your birthday?”
Yes, it is true that the more birthdays I have, the less I feel like they are really about me. I’d just as soon buy the kids presents for my birthday because doing things like that makes me happy. And they’d like that too. Besides that, they don’t accept my answer to “What do you want for your birthday mom?”
I told Count Dooku I wanted no fighting and to be obeyed without whining for my birthday and he said, “Mo-om! That’s not a real present.”
Wanna make a bet little buddy? That’s as good as gold to me. But then I remembered my mom saying she wanted the same types of things for her birthday and me whining about it.

Anyhow, after the scrumptious breakfast Hubby made me, I was given the most heavenly back massage ever. Followed by the house becoming miraculously tidy without my lifting a finger. And then, oh then… without me saying a word or giving a sideways glance, Hubby, amazing husband that he is, did TWO loads of laundry. Well, he didn’t fold the laundry, but he put the loads into and took them out of the washer and dryer without prompting of any sort on my part. *pause for breath*

Yes, it was truly wonderful.

Later that day, shortly before we left I heard Hubby whipping up something in the kitchen and though I was curious as of to what it might be, I didn’t peek at the recipe he was looking at. He finished whatever it was, the babysitter showed up and then he whisked me off to the big city. We walked around downtown while searching for a restaurant I had hinted I would like to try. We ended up walking past it probably 4 times because it was halfway underground and the sign was right at eye level unlike all the other signs which we were looking up at. In the end we found it after calling a friend for directions, and we sat and enjoyed some authentic Indian cuisine.

Upon coming home I was treated to an amazing English Sticky Toffee Pudding. It’s not quite the texture of bread pudding and not quite the texture of cake. But it was delicious and the Toffee sauce was to die for.

So all in all, a positively delightful birthday from my family!


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