Don’t trash it, donate it instead


Around here it’s time to put away Summer clothes for next year or get rid of the ones we’ve grown out of. Every year I donate all the items we no longer use to the Salvation Army and what’s even better is that they pick all of it up. They come to our apartment and haul our bags or boxes of stuff away.

What do you do with all the clothes you get rid of on a yearly basis?

If you want the Salvation Army to pick up your items all you have to do is call 1-800-SA-TRUCK and schedule a pick up. They’ll generally give a you a 2 hour window in which they’ll arrive and they’ve never been later than that for me.

I also do most of our clothes shopping at the Salvation army store. Once a week (and the day will differ depending on your area) all clothing items are 50% off. I’ve found some amazingly cute items for me and all the kids at incredible prices. They’re cheap anyway but I always make sure to go on the day the clothes are 50% off to maximize my savings.

Rising Prices


What are you doing to cut down on the cost of living in your household?

We’ve started shopping at Aldi, I’ve been learning how to play the Drugstore Game and couponing big time. And all of it is paying off.

Reading Recommendations


Name one novel you think I should add to my ‘to read’ list and why.

I think all of you should read The Princess Bride. I’m half way through it now and I already love it. It’s even better than the movie and I LOVE the movie!

Summer means Spiders


I have what you would call a typical fear of spiders. I think overall they’re interesting and I’ll leave them alone when they’re on their own turf. In my house however, they’re fair game for a squashing. It all depends on my mood though. Sometimes I catch them and let them go. But usually not if they’ve surprised me anywhere near my face.

The one that descended above my head while I was brushing my hair in the mirror 8 years ago? After a fit of screaming and swiping and stomping and heebie jeebie dancing, that one was toast. And the one that descended from the top of the window in the car near my cheek yesterday morning. So dead.

Sometimes I think I’m more creeped out by the way a spider can surprise me than by the actual spider itself. What about you? Ever had an insect surprise you and freak you out big time?

A Child’s Prayer


Tonight as I put Obi Wan to bed I asked him if he would like me to stay with him while he said his prayers. He said yes and proceeded to pray. This is what he said:

“Dear Hebby Fodder, bwess dat my birfday is coming up. Bwess dat I hab five candows and go wike dis - *blow* *blow* *blow* *blow* *blow*. In a name a Deesus Cwis, Amen!”

Yes, he actually blew five times and I was trying so hard not to crack up as I kissed him good night and walked out of the room. All he’s been thinking about for the last 2 weeks is his birthday.

So what I’m asking today is, what is the cutest prayer your child or another child you’ve known, has ever said?

Will you be travelling this Summer?


I must say that our desires to visit our families started looking dimmer and dimmer a few months ago.

It’s been three years since we’ve been “home”. Only my mom has met our newest family member (Angel Girl) and Hubby’s father’s health is getting worse and worse. Hubby is the 12th of 13 kids and his dad is now 80 and not doing so well, so we really started searching diligently for cheap airfare. But with gas prices the way they are, it seemed unlikely we would be able to find tickets for a destination over 2,000 miles away for less than $200 per person round trip.

Then, whether it was meant to be or we simply got lucky, we found tickets for $185 round trip for the exact dates we were hoping for (as we wanted to attend a family reunion). So we are going home for two weeks sometime this summer! Hurray!

What about you? Will you be as lucky and get to travel to the destination of your choice?

Party Go-er or Party Pooper?


How are you planning to spend New Years Eve?

We’re pretty boring around here. Maybe we’ll watch a movie or TV, eat some Buffalo wings, etc.


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