Jack-O-Lantern Cookies



My mom made these cookies with us every Halloween season and making these with her is a very fond memory. So now I do it with my kids. They already ate their batch though, so these are some I decorated. I was in a hurry so these were a bit sloppily done but I think they’re still pretty cute. All you need is your favorite sugar cookie and icing recipe, candy corn , some of those little black or brown CakeMate tubes of edible Gel and creativity.
I just found this amazing icing recipe today on Allrecipes.com. I modified it a bit, but it is the best sugar cookie icing I’ve ever tasted. And you can see it dries with that nice glossy finish.

Sugar Cookie Icing

1 cup powdered sugar
3-5 teaspoons milk
3 teaspoons corn syrup
1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
food coloring

Whisk all ingredients together, adding more milk if necessary. Dip the sugar cookie, face down into the icing and turn over quickly. Decorate and allow to dry.


Mummy Spoons


This is my first contribution to the very first week of the Winter Bazaar hosted by scribbit. For other fun ideas for beating the winter blues click on the image above.

I made these spoons two years back to give to some church members I visit monthly. They are easy and very fun to make.


You’ll need

* Plaster Gauze (at least 3 feet)
Wooden craft spoons
Solid wooden buttons (or other wooden pice for the nose)
Craft paint and brushes
Hot glue gun

1. Paint the craft spoon white, both front and back. Paint the button nose a light gray. Let dry
2. With a toothbrush or other small brush, fleck some light pink paint onto the spoon for rosy cheeks
3. Hot glue the button nose to desired place on the front of the spoon.
4. Using the end of a standard paint brush, dip in black paint and make dots for the eyes. Let dry
5. Dip the end of a smaller paintbrush in white paint and make dots for the whites of the eyes. Let dry.
6. Cut a long thin strip of plaster gauze (long enough to wrap around the spoon quite a few times) and immerse it in warm water. Then gently wrap it around the spoon in desired fashion. Let dry.
7. Tie a bag of candy corn around the spoon.

* Plaster gauze is not necessary, I just found it easier than trying to glue regular gauze on.


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