Benadryl saved my moms life

You would never think that after having been treated with amoxycillin (an antiobiotic) plenty of times before, you would ever have an allergic reaction to it. But that’s exactly what happened to my mother. Even stranger was that the response was delayed. Three days after she had finished the bottle according to doctors orders, she felt her throat begin to constrict.

She made it into the bathroom, not entirely sure what was happening yet but said within a matter of just moments she felt as though her soul was leaving her body. She called out to my dad who thankfully heard her and through ragged gasps said simply two words - Benadryl, Hospital.

My dad knew then that something was terribly wrong. My mom is a tough cookie so if she even mentions the word sick you know something is up. He immediately grabbed the liquid Benadryl from the bathroom cupboard and poured some down her throat (not the whole bottle of course), then proceeded to get her to the hospital where they were able to stabilize her. The attending physician told my dad he had saved her life by having that Benadryl on hand.

Now I make sure I always have some in my purse and in our home just in case. Benadryl worked for my mom and I hope it will never have to work for me that way but I’ll always have it around just in case.

Help me with my laundry please!

Yeah, I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I’m not very good at doing laundry. I mean I get it done, I just don’t do anything other than throw it in the washer. See, I keep hoping that the washer by itself will miraculously take the stains out but I’ve finally come to accept that is not to be. So give me your best advice:

* What stain removers do you recommend?
* How long are you suppose to let the item chill out with just the stain remover on it?
* How about on whites? My boys wear white shirts to school and come home with markings and dirt all over them every day.
* Isn’t there some miracle product that will remove old stains or stains that weren’t discovered before the clothes were thrown in the dryer?
* Any other recommendations?

An easy way to wash your bra

Thanks goes to Hillary at Ree Writes for enlightening me on this one. Now I shall impart of my newly learned wisdom to all of you who are as clueless as I was. Assuming I wasn’t the only one. I hope. AHEM…

The easiest way to wash your hand wash only bra is to wear it while you’re in the shower!

That’s right, while you lather yourself on up include your bra. Get it nice and soapy, then take it off, rinse it well and hang it over the shower bar while you finish showering and leave it there when you’re done to dry. Tada!

More HTML Tricks!

Part I

1. Resizing an Image
Ever have a button you want to put in your sidebar but find it just doesn’t fit? There’s a way to fix that! Let’s take this random button I just found somewhere on the web. :whistle:

Let’s pretend it’s to big for our sidebar and we want to shrink it down to fit. To do this we have to edit the code (you know, that you copied and pasted into your widget) which will look similar to this:

<a href="/"><img src=""></a>

We find the img tag right here:

<a href="/"><img src=""></a>

Type a space after the img and insert sizing declarations like so:

<a href="/"><img width="100" height="100" src=""></a>

Now our button looks like this:

You don’t have to use 100 by 100. It all depends on the shape of the button. You may have to play around with different numbers to get it to where it’s not distorted but you’ll figure it out quick.

2. Linking an Image
That’s right, you can turn a picture into a link with just a little bit of code. Below we have an ordinary unlinked image:

Now let’s turn it into a link. Once again, you must modify the code which will look something like this:

<img class="alignnone size-thumbnail wp-image-702" title="sigfragcollection" src="../../wp-content/uploads/2008/06/sigfragcollection-150×141.jpg" alt="" width="150" height="141" />

And now we are going to add our own piece of code:

<a href=""> at the very front and </a> at the very end

So now the entire piece of code looks like this:

<a href=""><img class="alignnone size-thumbnail wp-image-702" title="sigfragcollection" src="../../wp-content/uploads/2008/06/sigfragcollection-150×141.jpg" alt="" width="150" height="141" /> </a>

Obviously insert your own URL into the code instead of using the one above. One of my new favorite companies by the way! (I wasn’t paid to say that.) And here is the linked image:

3. Make a line break

Say you want to sign a post with your name and url and email address or something. And you want your name on one line, your url below that and your email address below that. Here’s how you do it. Let’s start with everything on one line:


Now it’s time to add some code:


Now it looks like this:


4. Create a copyright, trademark and registered trademark symbol

&copy; will give you ©
&reg; will give you ®
&#8482; will give you ™

5. Create a scrolling marquee

This is a scrolling marquee

I personally think they’re evil for all the time use, but they could prove useful attention getters if you’re making an important announcement on your blog. Now, how did I do it? With this little piece of code:

<marquee behavior=scroll direction="left" scrollamount="5">This is a scrolling marquee</marquee>

Just like regular text or images you can turn a marquee into a link or change the font size and color. See part I. Even change the speed at which it scrolls by changing the number next to the scrollamount tag. You can even make the marquee move right, up or down by changing the “left” to “right”, “up” or “down”

Using HTML in Blogging

* UPDATED - I forgot that my program converts classic HTML so I updated the code to reflect the transition taking place into newer mark up.

Have you ever wondered how to snazz up your blog posts or comments, by doing, say:

this, or this or this or this? Maybe you still haven’t figured out how to add a link to some text. Well, today I’ll tell you how with just a few of the basics of HTML. There is loads more to be learned if you find your interest peaked by the examples below.

1. Make a word or words bold
Add the following opening and closing tags to the word or words that you want bold, like so.

<strong>I want to make this sentence bold.</strong>

Now this sentence is bold.

2. Make a word or words italic.
Add the following opening and closing tags to the word or words that you want italic, like so.

<em>I want to make this sentence italic.</em>

Now this sentence is in italics.

3. Make a word or words a different color.
Add the following opening and closing tags to the word or words that you want a different color, like so.

<p style="color:red">I want to make this sentence red.</p>

Now this sentence is red.

4. Make a word or words underlined
Add the following opening and closing tags to the word or words that you want underlined, like so.

<u>I want to make this sentence underlined.</u>

Now this sentence is underlined.

5. Make text smaller or larger
Add the following opening and closing tags to the word or words that you want change, like so.

I want to make this <p style="font-size:6">word</p>larger

Now this word is larger.

Note that you could change the 6 out for a 1 to make it super small or a 9 to make it even bigger. Play around with numbers and see what size suits your purpose.

6. Make text link to a different page
Add the following opening and closing tags to the word or words that you want linked, like so.

I want to make this <a href="">word</a> a link.

Now this word is a link.

7. Create a blockquote
Add the following opening and closing tags to the word or words that you want put in a blockquote, like so.

<blockquote>I want to put this sentence in a blockquote</blockquote>

Now this sentence is in a blockquote

8. Center a picture or text
Add the following opening and closing tags to the word or words that you want centered, like so.

<p style="text-align: center;">I want to center this sentence.</p>

Now this sentence is centered.

Want the text aligned right, just change the center command to, right.

9. Strike through a word or words
Add the following opening and closing tags to the word or words that you want struck through, like so.

<del>I want to strike through this sentence.</del>

Now this sentence has a strike through.

HTML works for me!

Make blogging easier

I had been blogging for about 4 months before I discovered the beauty of a feed reader. I can’t even remember how I discovered it, but when I did it was a joyous occasion.

Before using a reader I would find myself clicking on the links in my blogroll at all times of day, waiting for the blog to load only to be disappointed that there wasn’t a new post up yet. It took a lot of time and I was getting to the point where I didn’t think I could keep up anymore when I learned about Google Reader.
All you need to be able to use it is a Gmail account. Once you log in you click on Add Subscription and type in the url of a blog you like to read. Then add another one and so on. You can have as many blogs in your reader as you like.

The purpose of the reader is to consolidate all of your favorite blogs in one place with notifications when they have been updated. Now I just check my reader twice a day instead of clicking on each individual blog link without knowing if it’s been updated or not. It’s a terrific time saver and works well for me!

P.S. -Are you a mom up for a Challenge?

WFMW - Did you know you could freeze these?


For most of my young life I found myself often wasting things that I didn’t get around to using in time or simply because I was ignorant of the fact that they could be frozen. I have since learned that many things freeze and thaw well and here are just a few of them:

Bananas - I can’t tell you how many times I’ve planned on making banana bread and kept putting it off, only to find that the bananas were oozing and moldy. So now, when those bananas are perfectly overripe I peel the skin off, throw them in a freezer sturdy ziploc bag put them into the freezer. When I want to make bread I thaw them at room temperature. Another suggestion I’ve heard but haven’t tried is to first mash the bananas with a small amount of lemon juice and then freeze them in ziploc bags.

Egg Whites - When a recipe calls for yolks only, pour each egg white into individual cube sections in an ice cube tray. After they’re completely frozen you can pop the cubes out and store in the freezer in a marked ziploc bag. Thaw overnight in the refrigerator.

Avocados - You can freeze ripe avocados if you’re not going to be able to use them before they spoil. Mash the avocados with a fork, add a little lemon juice and fill a freezer sturdy ziploc bag, squeezing all the air out before sealing. Thaw in the refrigerator.

Cookie Dough Do you like to make your holiday cookies from scratch? Why not get an early start by making the dough and freezing it to bake for later? The best way to do this is to form the dough into a long tube shape and wrap it numerous times very tightly in plastic wrap to avoid freezer burn. Thaw in the refrigerator.

Muffin Batter - Tracy Michele shared this wonderful idea on WFMW a little over a month ago.

Freezing a variety of foods works for me.

For my past Works for me Wednesday Posts click here


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