Weaning Woes

I don’t know about you, but when my milk started going, so did my physical appearance. I need a good bra and a hair thickener. Help!

Don’t play all innocent with me missy!

It’s just a mask. Those big blue eyes, looking up at me through long lashes, wide with wonderment. Why did you yelp mommy? Whatever did I do? I don’t even have any teeth yet. Can I start eating again now?

I would have believed your innocence, if you hadn’t stuck your tongue out and proceeded to spit at me after I removed my boob from your mouth and firmly said NO. I’m onto you Angel Girl. I am, so, onto you.


Nice is a good thing

I’m sure many of you have heard the controversy about Facebook deleting pictures of breastfeeding from their website.
Nursing moms everywhere are enraged that their nursing photos are being deleted while photos that reveal just as much breast, but in a different context (swimsuits, etc.), are not.
I would never post a picture of myself breastfeeding in the first place so it’s not a big deal to me on a personal level. What I am upset about is the assumption making and bashing going on around the blogosphere concerning this issue.

Mother’s who nurse have long fought for societal acceptance of the practice, but there are still some who do not feel the need to reciprocate acceptance of those whose views or circumstances do not involve breastfeeding.
The Facebook incident seems to have opened the floodgates for berating bottle feeders. I have seen many comments on various blogs discussing the issue, where sadly, the assumption has been made that because they are deleting breastfeeding photos, they must be jealous that they couldn’t breastfeed, or jealous that they weren’t breastfed, or too lazy to do the best thing for their baby, or have a guilty concsience. It’s rude and immature and appaling.
I’m sure there are many people, who may think breastfeeding is a wonderful thing, but may be uncomfortable seeing a breast even in that way. Not everyone that doesn’t want to see breastfeeding pictures, bottle feeds or even has children for that matter. And bottle feeding isn’t a bad thing. I’d like to see a little more acceptance and kindness and less judgement and negative assumption from those who are looking to be treated with acceptance themselves.


Someday, he’ll blush to learn the truth

Should I be at all concerned that my four year old boy pretends to nurse his stuffed animals on occasion? Cause honestly it’s sorta cute, but if I should discourage it then I will.
I think his friend Blondie (who also has a baby sib) started the trend when at a playdate she was, “nursin’ dem(her dolls) wif my nibbles.” *chuckle* I think I’m going to use the term nibbles from here on out.


Holy Hypocrisy!

Have you seen this article?
I am so frustrated and upset about such a ruling I’m not even going to say anything more about it right now.
If you support breastfeeding visit this site and sign the petition.


It happened

We finally hit it.
THE stage.
I told my naive little self that it wouldn’t happen. MY baby will never grind my nipple between her gums. MY baby won’t need to be fed, sans TV to prevent the pop off, pop on technique every 5 seconds.
But lo and behold, it happened. I’m sure my chest will be much saggier and scarred for it later on. Gum grinding is bad enough. Heaven forbid she get an actual tooth any time soon!

The lengths I go to….

….to keep a sleeping baby, asleep.

* I hear the familiar sound of baby stirring in the crib. I hurriedly tip toe down the hallway, swinging open the bedroom door (it creaks if you try to do it slowly). Crouching down I approach the bassinet. She’s wiggling, eyes slightly open, mouth open, tongue darting in and out tasting the air for binky or boob. I find the binky, keeping everything but my hand and arm out of sight. Feeling my way to her wet little mouth I pop the binkie in, still barely peeking over the mattress edge. She begins to suck, wiggles stop. She drifts back to sleep. Till the binky falls out again of course.

* She is contentedly nursing. It is nap time and she is falling asleep at the breast. She continues to suck and I carefully cradle her as I stand. Slowly moving, swaying back and forth as I do, I make my way down the hall and into her room.
I lean over her bassinet, gently laying her down, still attached to me. I am in a painful position. She still sucking, all my weight on the edge of the bassinet, as I remove my arms from beneath her. I stay there a moment, let her take a few more sucks and then break the suction. She continues sucking on her lip for a moment. She does not stir. Success!!


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