The Replacement

After six days of hiding, foraging for food beneath the fridge and making scurrying and nibbling noises throughout the night, we caught Keri!

I had fruitlessly endeavored to trap her in the days prior. I created a ramp leading up to a deep mixing bowl. I rubbed the ramp with celery and carrots and then placed them inside the bowl hoping to find her in the morning. All I found was one missing piece each of celery and carrot and no hamster. I knew regular hamsters could jump fairly high but these dwarf hamsters are something else.

The show down came in our walk in closet yesterday morning at approximately 6 a.m. As I nursed Angel Girl I heard Keri scuttling around in there. I waited till Angel girl was fast asleep
and quietly went into the kitchen where I grabbed a shoe box that contained bedding and some food pellets. I also grabbed the lid into which I had poked multiple holes.

As I entered the room I heard her scuttling stop and knew she was aware of a human presence. This I hoped would be a good thing, driving her into a dark hiding place in our closet. Once I went inside and closed the closet door, there would be no escape for Keri.

I snapped some celery in half and held my palm out. She peeked cautiously around the corner of the duffle bag she was hiding behind and then darted toward the closet door which I’m sure she could have flattened herself under had I not stuffed a blanket there, blocking her path. Her capture was quick, Keri fighting the whole way but I got her into the box and slammed the lid on. Then I taped it shut for good measure.

I would have loved to keep her but she is just so tiny and fast and feisty, the kids would never be able to hold her if she was determined to escape. So we took her back to the pet store where I’m sure she’ll find a better matched owner to love her.

And this? This is Callie:


You didn’t think I’d disappoint my kids by taking their Hamster back and not getting them a new one did you?

We already love this adorable Calico Hamster.

We love the way she uses the window in her tiny house as entrance and exit while blocking the door with bedding.

We think it’s hilarious how she uses the top of the cage as monkey bars

We love how silly she is running on top of her wheel instead of inside it

And how she nibbles on the bars at times.

She is friendly and cute and best of all, her head can’t fit through the bars, which means neither can the rest of her.


The Great Hamster Hunt

This is Keri.


Three days ago she joined our family due to one of my, must have a pet, whims. Count Dooku picked her out and even named her all by himself. We brought her home along with a cage, bedding and food and spent the day getting to know her.


But Keri didn’t like her new home. It was too small. She decided to escape through the tiny bars of her cage that I was assured were impossible for even a dwarf hamster to squeeze through. This was the same night we brought her home. Now Keri is enjoying free reign of the house while we try in vain to draw her out.

Late last night as I was getting ready for bed, a small dark shape darted right past my foot and the hunt began. She ran under the piano, so I had hubby grab the broom to block the exit on one side. He also gave me a carrot. She came out and nibbled a bit on the carrot and I reached down to grab her but that Hamster is so darn tiny and so darn fast it was to no avail.

She was back across the room under the couch in a second. We tried again to draw her out with a carrot, and this time I had a collander ready to pop on top of her. She came out and I slammed the collander down, but it landed partly on the carrot, leaving an opening just big enough for Keri to dart out of. Foiled again!

When we spotted her again she had darted underneath the bookshelf. I laid the carrot out and waited a while, but after looking under the bookshelf with a flashlight, discovered she had somehow managed to escape without our notice. So we settled down to watch a movie while keeping an eye on the carrot. After the movie was done I went to bed, asking Hubby to please remove the carrot from the floor before he went to bed. But of course he forgot, and when we came out this morning we found this:


The little rascal had her fill of carrot. It’s time to lay some serious traps tonight and then it’s back to the pet store with the dwarf hamster.


R.I.P. Pinkie

Well, I took care of Pinkie two nights ago after the kids were in bed. Count Dooku was just a little disappointed at not seeing the fish flushed down the toilet. Ha!
As I tossed the little tank into the trash I said to my husband, “I am SO done with fish.”
His reply, “Can I get that writing?”

You see, for Hubby, a house without pets is a great thing. But for me? Not so much. In my parents home in my lifetime we had 2 guinea pigs, 1 bunny, 2 dogs, 13 cats, 12 gerbils, 2 hamsters, 1 dove, 2 finches, 1 parakeet, numerous fish and probably some other pets I can’t remember. Not all at the same time thankfully.

So he’s right, if I don’t sign a form saying I won’t get another fish, I probably will, just to have, “a pet”. Right now we reside in an apartment where the pets I most desire (a dog or a cat) cost extra in the rent each month. So we can’t afford it, and to fill the void I have bought numerous fish. Their tanks are smelly and a pain to clean, but they’re cheap, and they have tanks small enough to put on the top of the TV, out of reach of the kids (well, maybe not, but that’s another story).
I can just imagine urine soaked cedar chips gracing my living room floor if I ever brought a gerbil or hamster home. Shudder. Not an option.
So, for the time being I’ve stuck with fish, imagining the day when I’ll have a sweet dog to play with or a prideful cat to tease (tell me I’m not the only one who has harrassed a cat for fun, playfully of course).


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