McKenna Gordon - we met again

So since my friend McKenna is having a google search popularity competition with some other McKenna Gordon on the WWW I thought I’d put her name in as the title of this post for extra good measure. And of course brownie points with McKenna. ;) And I must also preface this post by saying that McKenna did not solicit me to write anything about her company. I just want to promote it because I love it!!!

I wrote a little bit about McKenna during my bloggy birthday bash so I’ll repost a little something from that post here:

A long time ago, when I was about 13 I had a good friend named McKenna. We were both rather entrepreneurial and played around with many business ideas. We both crocheted and decided we were going to start a crochet business. We even came up with a name, The Crafty Co-op. Well, McKenna ended up moving away soon after and with that went our business aspirations and our friendship. We lost contact and I hadn’t seen or heard anything of McKenna until about 7 months ago, when lo and behold I found her mother’s blog. Who knew the internet could be so small? It was great getting back in touch with McKenna through email and through reading her own blog and pretty soon I found out that McKenna’s entrepreneurial ideas had only flourished throughout the years.

So McKenna started her own company Urban Botanic which is a really fun concept, especially if you love divine scents for your home and body. She’s made local TV appearances promoting her company and has worked really hard to get it going. I think she’s amazing and I was so thrilled to get to see her again after 13 years.

My friend Michelle was thrown a surprise baby shower while she was out in UT and I contacted McKenna on facebook to see if she could come, since she also knew Michelle for a bit before her family moved. I’m so glad she made it! Here’s a pic of the three of us together:

Michelle is on the left, McKenna in the middle and me on the right. It was so great to see you again McKenna!

My first Blogger meet up!

So I had grand plans to organize some sort of Blogger lunch meet up while I was out in Utah a couple of weeks ago. But our trip was insanely packed and it just didn’t happen. Tom and I decided that we had to find time to meet with one certain blogger though, since we both “knew” her - Cheryl over at Happy Meets Crazy. Cheryl frequents the Nine Moons blog where Tom is a contributing writer and he actually knew her before I did. So off to Cheryl’s house we went, where this is the best picture Tom got:

Cheryl looks great and I’m in mid sentence, luckily Cheryl got some better takes.

I was really surprised at how calm I was when I knocked on the door. One of her kiddos opened it and to see Cheryl standing there was very surreal, but definitely cool. Cheryl is one of those people who make you feel instantly at ease with her warmth. We had a short but very nice visit while the kids played together. Conversation came so easily and I felt like I’d known her forever. I suppose I should have expected that since I’ve been reading her blog for so long. You’re awesome Cheryl!


Sometimes, I’m surprised by how much I have changed in just the past few years. I got thinking about this tonight at a recipe exchange.

There, surrounded by good food, good people and good conversation I found myself feeling perfectly comfortable. Why, at book group just last week I was unafraid to voice my opinions or even, heaven forbid, try to be funny. Which I sort of was. This seemed slightly unnatural to me, for I remembered past gatherings of this variety where speaking out and feeling comfortable were not the case.

Just three years ago I would attend similar gatherings where I found myself feeling self-conscious, and quiet. My husband was concerned as I came home from each event feeling depressed. I felt bitter at the conversation going on all around me as I sat quietly listening in the corner chair. I listened to certain women speak up and speak often with ease, bitter that they would draw all the attention to themselves and not give others a chance to say anything.
I felt bitter that there were so many obvious close friendships that I was not a part of. Bitter that I heard of play dates and events to which I was not invited. I felt certain that I was ugly and annoying and that I was only invited to these events because they wouldn’t be able to hide their having occurred, from me. Yet I kept going to them and came back feeling more depressed every time.

So I found myself wondering, what is different now? Is it that those women have moved away? After all, they hated me right? They were the reason I was so sad right?


What was different then, was that I hated me. So I assumed everyone else did too. How can I possibly expect anyone to think better of me than I think of myself?

No one was stifling me. They would have allowed me to speak out had I chosen it.
No one was trying not to include me. But you can’t force friendship.

I went through a lot of hurt before my perception of me and my assumptions about what others must be thinking of me, changed. Sometime I’ll go into more detail. But for now, I’ve realized that being comfortable around others, starts with being comfortable with myself.

I wish I would have learned that sooner. I think I missed out on some really great friendships because I was busy assuming no one wanted to be my friend.


Plug for a friend

So far I’ve convinced all of two real life friends to get in on the blogging action. I’ll keep trying to convince more of course.

For now, if you so choose, I would love for you to hop on over to Ree Writes and welcome her to the blogging world!


It’s Halloween, it’s Halloween!

This morning a friend and I decided to “play” tennis at the court in my apartment complex.
She has a nursling. I have a nursling. She has a 3 year old. I have a 4 year old. Hence the “play”. As you can imagine, things didn’t go as envisioned.
Yes, the kids rode their little trikes all around the court happily. But the babies took turns being upset. So between nursing and shushing, we got in about 10 minutes of hitting the tennis ball back and forth. Not even enough time to warm up. It was fun though. Toward the end of our tennis time the babies were both satisfied and happy so we thought that we might have a chance at some decent tennis. That’s when my friend’s little girl Blondie decided to strip.
It happened in an instant. We hit the ball a few times and suddenly Blondie is running down the length of the court in naught but her skivvies. In full view of the building across the street. In 50 degree weather. So we called it quits. We tried to get some exercise, but sometimes…ok, most times, the kids just work against you whether they’re trying to or not.

In other news, the ladies at 5 Minutes for Mom are having another awesome giveaway. This time it’s for your choice of either a retro pedal car or a suitcase style portable record player, courtesy of Pedal Cars and Retro Collectibles!
Visit this post to get details on how to enter!

And finally, I hope everyone has a safe and SPOOKtacular Halloween! (What? I couldn’t help myself)


Some great news, for me anyway

I pretty much discovered Blogland over night. I knew that Hubby had been “blogging” for a few months and he explained it to me but I really didn’t have any interest. He continued to show me some of his posts and comments and I became more intrigued and started reading and even commenting on occasion on a couple of his blogs. But his circle of blogging is a bit different from the one of which we are a part. They don’t give each other cute awards or have giveaways or all that fun stuff. Plus I really didn’t know that there were personal blogs. All the ones Hubby showed me were group blogs. Anyhow, I asked Hubby one night how he got invited to blog at a certain group blog and he told me he commented regularly and some of the contributors there visited his personal blog and liked what they saw.

“Wait,” I stopped him, “You have your own blog?”

He shrugged like I should have known that and then showed it to me. And suddenly it all clicked. Thoughts of grandeur swarmed into my head.

People will read my stuff! I’ll have a following!

Now, my motivations weren’t all egocentric, but who doesn’t imagine being popular or famous at times? Anyhow, I suddenly grasped the concept of blogging and that I could say what I wanted to say, hopefully help others with some of my life experiences and maybe have some regular readers who appreciated my thoughts. That very night, I set up my blog (yes, I’m very internet savvy) and began posting. Then I was off to comment and try to attract readers. Somehow I ran across Stacey’s blog the first “mom” blog I had encountered and I knew this was the place to start.

I’ve had a lot of fun blogging and making new friends. But I have been a bit sad that no one else I know in “real” life has caught onto the blogging thing. But I needn’t be sad any longer.
Not one, but TWO of my very close friends, have decided to take the plunge into the blogging world.

The first is my oldest and closest friend Michelle who I wrote about here

The second is Alonna (Loni) who just moved to England where her husband is attending University.

So if you feel like it, I would love for you to go visit them, welcome them and give them some comment love as they start discovering the fun of blogging.


Calling all Stalkers!

The Great Mofo Delurk 2007

I know, the day is half done, but I found out about this and thought I would give it a try.
I want to know who my stalkers (lurkers) are? I want to know about those of you who have thus far, secretly adored my wit, charm, brains, craftiness, spasticity and other amiable qualities. Any takers???


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