I HATE Ticks!

I don’t usually have a problem with bugs. Sometimes they sneak up on me and scare me, but overall I find them fascinating and am never too bothered by them. Yes cockroaches and mosquitos are filthy and annoying but I wouldn’t go so far as to say they are the scourge of the earth. Every thing serves its purpose right? Well after today I can actually say there is a bug I abhor!

We went to the park yesterday and enjoyed a gorgeous 70 degree, sunny day. As we were leaving the park I saw something crawling in sassypants’ hair. I knew it right away to be a tick and I promptly flicked it out of her hair. I thought nothing more about it until this morning when I was combing my litle daughters hair and noticed what I thought was a large scab. But upon closer examination I discovered the ’scab’ had legs and was instantly appaled. She must have had TWO of the cursed things crawling through her hair. Though it looked like a dead bug flattened against her head I knew otherwise and knew I needed to get it out soon. I remembered hearing something about vaseline or matches and the like but decided to do some research to make sure I removed it properly. Turns out all you need is a good pair of tweezers and a person who is willing to weild them.

I strapped Sassypants into her high chair and then my husband had to hold her arms down while she squirmed and screamed and cried over my messing with her hair trying to get a good angle. I put the tweezers to her skin where the tick was latched on and pulled it firmly out. It started wiggling as I did so. *shudder*

I disposed of the thing, feeling my skin crawl the entire time and then poured some peroxide on the small but bloody hole in my daughters skin. Yes, seeing something latched on to my daughters head, that had been sucking the blood out of her for around 24 hours has me very decided that ticks are the scourge of all the earth. I don’t think it was a nymphal deer tick since it was rather large but I’ll still be checking her head every day for signs of a rash.

So just a word of caution if you are out and about at the park or in the woods, don’t forget to check for those evil little blood suckers!

What a week!

I’m going stir crazy! Spring break started last Monday and ends today and what have I done to enjoy it? Not a thing. I’ve been indoors the whole time tending to a very sick boy. That means the other two kids have had to stay inside as well. (I hate apartment living)

Count Dooku started getting sick two Sunday’s ago when he came down with a high fever, sore throat and cough. After 3 days the fever was gone and he seemed to be getting better so he went to school Thurs. and Fri. Then Saturday his cough got worse and he started losing his voice. By Sunday the fever was back. I’m one of those moms who likes to let illness run its course but when he was worse than ever on Thursday, I called the doctor and got him in. He has strep throat so he’s been on antibiotics.

I’ve been heartbroken watching him suffer. He is normally so active and loud (not to mention rather difficult to deal with), but these past two weeks he’s been calm and snuggly. As much as I’ve loved it it’s made me sad because it’s not who he is. My child doing a 180 in behavior is definite cause for concern. So although I loved my oldest boy being calm and peacable, I’m happy that his roudy self is starting to peek out again. For the first time in two weeks he hasn’t been on the couch half the day and I’ve actually had to scold him several times for picking on his brother. It’s a sure sign that he’s getting better. And just in time to go back to school tomorrow too. Ha!

I am so getting out this week with Sassypants, rain or shine because I am sick to death of being stuck inside!

Spring un-Break

The magnolia blossoms have unfurled their gentle petals, flowering shrubs have burst forth in peals of striking yellow, crisp white or blazing pink and birds whirl carelessly through the air in a spring time love tangle.

If only we could fully enjoy it. Alas, here we sit while school is out, watching it through finger smudged, crayon marked, glass windows while we sniffle and cough and wince in pain as our sore throats protest the sustenance we must swallow.

Being sick in Winter is expected, being sick in Spring is torture.

Dental Emergency

Why do most emergencies seem to happen while one is on vacation or while ones husband is out of town? Has anyone else noticed that trend or does it just happen to me? In the current case it was both. I’m still in Utah and my husband is back home.

Saturday Count Dooku opened his mouth to speak to me and I thought I saw something unusual. Pulling up his upper lip I discovered this:

That’s something that can freak a mother out eh? You could say I was close to tears immediately, partly because I felt like it was my fault. Count Dooku had been complaining about that tooth for 3 weeks but I figured it was just a cavity and we would see the dentist after we got home! My mother immediately called her dentist’s emergency line and the glorious dentist said he would be at his office in under an hour.

I couldn’t get him there fast enough and then it was traumatic for both of us when I did. Since it was just a baby tooth the dentist decided to pull it and drain the abcess. But of course he had to numb Count Dooku’s tooth which required two shots to the mouth. Count Dooku managed to stay very still but cried and screamed some during the injections (especially the roof of the mouth one). That of course had me in tears too. But after the lidocaine started working we were both able to calm down. Ha! I’m usually very ok with seeing my kids get shots/blood drawn and the like but something about my oldest, bravest, untouchable seeming boy screaming, kind of freaked me out.

After that the dentist pulled out the tooth and used his vacuum to suck out the goop. Now all is well in the tooth department and he’s only charging us for a tooth extraction. He did say the root was much bigger than he’d expected so Count Dooku could be toothless for quite a while. He also said that was the largest abcess he’d seen on a child Count Dooku’s size. I hope this is the first and last abcess any of my kids get.


Ok, someone in this apartment complex is living in filth and doesn’t care and is therefore not reporting their pests to management. We’ve not only been suddenly plagued by cockroaches, last night my husband saw….


That’s right, he saw a mouse dart across our living room floor. Unluckily for the mouse I’m determined to get him out. And when I’ve determined to do something I’m not easily thwarted. I love animals, but I won’t let them live on the loose in my home.

And what are we suppose to do about this? It is pretty obvious there is a tenant who has brought these problems since we’ve lived here for 6 years and have never had these pests before. I wonder if our management might do an unannounced apartment inspection to find out who the perpetrator is.

So, does anyone know of any humane mouse traps or where I can buy them?

It has arrived

I knew it would. It always does. It’s just that I’m usually not the first to get it. But I should have known based on my dreams last night that it was coming. Does anyone else have very unsettling dreams when your body is getting sick?

All I dreamt about last night were cockroaches and bees invading my home, climbing all over my arms, molting all over my skin. And it hurt, so I took Advil after Advil trying to force the pain away. Of course, Advil doesn’t do much in a dream. When I woke up I was so sore, everywhere. Then a little bit later the aching has set in. And now the bathroom has become my constant companion.

I hate the flu.

Thinking Pink Once Again

You’ve been hiding under a rock I think, if you don’t know that October is Breast Cancer awareness month. This subject is near to my heart (at any time of year) as that’s where it all began for my grandma (the one I’m currently visiting).

Ten years ago she found the dreaded lump in her breast and was diagnosed with breast cancer. After a year of treatment the prognosis was good, her breast cancer was announced to be in remission. For 8 years it stayed that way until 2006, when she went in for a regular check up and discovered that the breast cancer was back. She now had metastatic breast cancer meaning it had spread. It was now not only in her breast but had spread to her lymph nodes and her bones. The outlook is not good once it starts spreading to more vital organs. If old age or accident do not take her first, this cancer will be the cause of her death. All the more reason for me to feel strongly about finding a cure for it.

The National Breast Cancer Foundation estimates that nearly 200,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer each year and that 40,000 of those women will die. And women aren’t the only ones at risk. Each year 1,700 men will be diagnosed with it and 450 will die.

You can visit the site to learn more about early detection, healthy habits that may help prevent it and ways you can help fund research. One very easy way that you can help fund research toward finding a cure this month is located in my upper right sidebar, the pink button that says, Fund Free Mammograms. Each click is paid for by site sponsors, and mammogram funding is provided to clinics throughout the U.S. through the National Breast Cancer Foundation. So please click away!

Have you or someone you know been affected by Breast Cancer?

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