We finally celebrated!

Our 8 year anniversary was on Dec. 19th. But on that day I was in Utah attending my sister’s wedding while hubby was still back home working. Our time in Utah while he was there was a whirlwind so we didn’t get to celebrate and then after we got back we just didn’t manage to get out. We didn’t go on a date until this last Saturday. So I guess it was our Valentine/Anniversary Date and after seeing this meme on some other blogs I thought I’d fill it out too!

1. Where did you and your husband meet? We saw each other at work and in church within just a couple days of each other. But then we went on a pioneer trek reenactment just a bit after that and that’s where we really got to know each other.

2. How long before you kissed? It was about a month after we first met. Oh and we’d decided to get married before we even kissed.

3. Who kissed who first? I guess I did. We were sitting on my parents front porch and it was raining. He leaned over to me and kissed me on my cheek so close to my lips it was teasing so I simply turned my head a little and kissed him on the lips.

4. How long from the time you met until you were engaged? Ok, crazy but true - 11 days. That’s when we set a temple wedding date. I didn’t get my ring though until 1 month after we’d met.

5. How did he propose? Ok, another funny story, I guess we did everything backwards. I didn’t have the ring yet but we took two of my friends to some really pretty gardens to take some engagement pictures. We were sitting on a bench in a beautiful part of this garden when my best friend said she’d forgotten her film. So she grabbed my other friend and they went to get it. She left us with her purse. Hubby took the purse and said, ” Shall we nose around?” and he began naming things inside. Then my ears perked up when he said, “Small white jewelry box.” Inside was my beautiful ring that he had picked out all by himself and it was perfect! So obviously my friends were in on the surprise and I was surprised. Of course I knew I’d get a ring but I had no idea when and didn’t think it would be that day.

6. Did he pick out the ring or did you? He did. All I told him was that I didn’t care for square cut diamonds and that I preferred white gold. My ring has a circular centered diamond and three tiny inlaid diamonds to each side of that in a white gold band.


7. Do you still like the ring? Absolutely! It is perfectly me!

8. Where was your wedding and reception? We were married in the Mt. Timpanogos LDS Temple and had our reception at our local church building that night.

9. How many bridesmaids did you have, and who was your maid of honor? I had four bridesmaids, Whitney (my sister) and friends Allie, Loni and Brenda and my maid of honor was my best friend Michelle

10. What color were your bridesmaid dresses? Three of my bridesmaids wore a burgundy dress with chiffon skirt and silver foliage on the bodice. The other two dresses were exactly the same except silver instead of burgundy.

11. What was your bouquet made of? Fire and ice red roses

12. Did you cry during your wedding? I don’t think so. I got maybe a little teary but I was mostly just excited to begin a new life with my husband.

14. What style was your dress? It’s difficult to describe so here’s a picture. I thought it was very simple but classy and I loved it. It had a large pleat in the front middle and there was ribbon like ribbing around the waist.


15. Was your wedding kiss sweet or sexy? I think it was very sweet and modest.

16. Who caught your bouquet? I think it was my new cousin in law Emily.

17. What flavor was your cake? Chocolate! Hubby was pretty sure I was the one when I told him I’d always wanted a chocolate wedding cake. Lol! Of course this was before chocolate started giving me migraines.

18. Did you smash the cake onto each other’s faces or feed it to each other nicely? His family really wanted us to go wild with the smashing but I’d never wanted to do that. So poor hubby acquiesced to my ideal.

19. What did you serve your guests to eat? A variety of breads (cinnamon, pumpkin, etc.) and hot cocoa and cider. It was buffet style.

21. What did your friends do to decorate your car? I really don’t remember. Just the typical stuff I guess, crepe paper, shaving cream maybe. Our car was a piece of junk anyway so neither of us cared.

22. What was your favorite wedding gift? Funny as it sounds my favorite was a large tool set. I thought that was so unique and so very useful. And since I’m the one who does most of the fix it jobs around here I’ve been very glad to have it.

23. What was the worst wedding gift you got? I don’t remember getting anything we didn’t appreciate. And we didn’t get any duplicates of anything!

24. Where did you go on your honeymoon? Disneyland! Hubby and had never been and I just love theme parks and rides!

25. Looking back, is there anything you would have changed about your wedding? I would have rented a dress, even if I couldn’t find the absolute perfect one. Buying one is silly to me now. I could have used that money to hire a professional photographer. Our photos aren’t that great and I don’t have any bridals. I wish I would have gotten some bridals.

Play along! I’d love to learn more about you and your husband!

Where did this boy come from?

Valentine’s Day came and went. The boys had school parties the day before and on Saturday Hubby and I went out on a date. I didn’t think any more of it until today when Obi Wan said to me, ” Mom, you need to make me card wif a heart on it.”

I was tucking him into bed as he said this and I felt a little guilty as I realized that all his classmates had given him valentines but his own mother had not. I went out to the kitchen table and fashioned two little Valentine cards for both of my boys and delivered them to the sleepy heads soon after.

Obi Wan looked at the card with feigned curiosity, “What’s dis?” he said to himself opening the card.

“Dear Obi Wan, Happy Valentines Day. I love you! :heart: Mama,” he read and then the gushing began.

“Aw, fank you for my valentine’s card mom. You’re a Angel!”

“Did is da best card in da whole world!”

“You’re da sweetest girl mama. I love you!”

I’m thinking my heart isn’t the only one this boy will melt as he gets older.

We know how to celebrate the New Year

Four or Five years ago today, when Obi Wan was twoish, Tom and I were getting the boys ready for bed. It was around 8:30p.m. so they were already up past their bed time and were wired accordingly. They were wrestling and chasing each other around the living room as I tried to wrangle them in to get their pajamas on. Suddenly Count Dooku grabbed the neck of Obi Wans shirt and yanked him backward, straight into the corner of the wall. Tom grabbed Count Dooku to discipline him and I picked up Obi Wan and held him to my chest to comfort him as big tears rolled down his cheeks. I put my hand on his head and gently coaxed him to calm down. A moment later I realized my hand felt wet and I was terrified as I removed it to see bright red blood all over it. It took only a moment to find the deep gash in his head and realize that it needed a hospital’s attention.

I covered his head in a towel and rushed us to the emergency room where I was sure a little thing like stitches would require a long nights wait. But the ER was virtually empty and we were taken back within 15 minutes. It was awful to have to help the doctor and nurse hold my son down as they stitched up his head. He cried and screamed the whole time, even though they had given him local anesthetic. It was about 9:30p.m. when he and I made it back home. After he went to bed I did too. That was enough excitement for New Years Eve.

Fast forward a few years later to today. When I got Angel girl up this morning and kissed her face I thought she smelled a little, off. But I didn’t think much of it. I got her dressed, fed her breakfast and then held her since she was unusually cuddly. As I held her to my chest in a chair she suddenly sounded as if she were gasping for breath and a moment later I felt warmth through my jeans. I pulled her back and another blast of vomit ensued from her poor little mouth. She was drenched, I was drenched and it was then that the off smell and the unsual cuddliness made sense. After getting us both showered off I checked her crib and she had indeed vomited in there during the night. Now I get to ring in the new year with a sick child.

At least we ended both years with a bang I suppose.

Merry Christmas!

We’re currently being graced with a lovely snowfall. Yay for a white Christmas! I hope all of you are having a wonderful day. I’ll be back again in a few days. For now I’m off to eat some homemade cinnamon rolls. Merry Christmas!

Black Friday

Well, today was my first ever Black Friday shopping experience. I thought about going to Kohl’s at 4 a.m. but then I reconsidered. The item I wanted would probably still be in stock later and if not then I’d survive. And Kohl’s is a very popular store around here so I knew it would be insane. So I decided on Walmart at 5 a.m. instead.

Why I didn’t think that Walmart would be as insane as Kohl’s I’ll never know. Perhaps it was the sleep deprivation of the past few days. But when I reached the store just before 5 this morning I saw a line that wrapped clear around the building and beyond. Undaunted I walked up and joined it and waited my turn to get into the store. It didn’t look like there were over 700 people when I first walked in but then I realized they were probably all upstairs making a mad dash in electronics - I was right. There was a line just to get into the electronics section. Luckily the $2 DVD’s I was after were outside that area. It was hectic but people were mostly considerate and friendly and customer service was amazing, which was amazing since I live in a state with the rudest employees in the country, I swear!

After Walmart, I hit Bed, Bath & Beyond and then Kohl’s. I got everything I was looking for and a little more and all at crazy good prices.

On another note we had a super fun Thanksgiving last night. We invited 5 families from our church to eat with us. So that made for 12 adults and 6 kids total and though we were a little cramped we had great conversation, fun playing Mario Kart and delicious food. Everyone contributed to the meal in some way and Hubby made the most delicious moist turkey ever! I hope all of you had a happy Thanksgiving as well!

Thanksgiving started with a bang

Thanksgiving has barely begun and already I’ve been very busy.

This morning at precisely 12:09 a.m. I entered my local 24 hour CVS to take advantage of some super sales. See, their Black Friday sales start today and they are basically giving away tons of products (it’s complicated but it has to do with earning store credit that’s the same amount as what you paid for the item). Anyway, I paid $17 for $115.00 worth of stuff. SuWeeeeet! And even though I was so dead tired I didn’t want to go I am soooo glad I did. I was amazed when I walked in the store at the time to see that it was slightly busier than it normally is in the middle of the day! It was filled with coupon nerds like myself. We were all carrying around our coupon organizers, the CVS ad and pieces of paper with our deal ideas scribbled out on them. So my instincts telling me to go at midnight were right and they’ll definitely be selling out of all their sale items by the end of today.

THEN….when I came out of the bedroom this morning the hubby said to me, “Uh, honey, there’s some squeaking going on in this general vicinity,” and he pointed to where we had laid one of our sticky traps to catch a little house guest. The sticky trap was located against the baseboard underneath a pull out cart where we store kitchen gadgets. The hubby removed himself from the room while I pulled the cart out and saw the cutest little gray mouse stuck to the sticky pad. There were tufts of fur all over the sticky and the little guy was terrified. I armed myself with a butter knife and picked the pad up by the corner carefully. The husband was still cowering in the bedroom. I told him to come and see but he wouldn’t. Did I mention the husband is afraid of mice. And bugs. (love you honey)

I told Hubby I was going out to let the mouse loose. He came out making sure he was standing far away from me and told me he thought that trying would just torture the mouse more. I immediately broke into tears (yeah, not enough sleep last night) at the thought of the little mouse dying a slow death in the dumpster. And there is no way I would smash it like I’ve heard some women have their husband’s do. I could never do that and my husband obviously wouldn’t be able to get close enough to do that.

So I went outside determined to try to free it. I figured there was a good chance I could since the mouse was on the very edge of the sticky pad. I went into the woods a way and started to slide the butter knife gently beneath its skin. It squeaked at me a few times but then it stopped as I continued. It only took about 4 minutes and I had the mouses belly free, then it’s tail and then it’s teeny tiny feet. It was exhausted and terrified and it burrowed beneath the crispy leaves as soon as it was free.

I walked inside very happy that I didn’t have to kill the mouse and came to tell you all about it. Since I knew you’d think I was a demented weirdo love to hear about it. I just have this super tender spot in my heart for most all living creatures (cockroaches not included). What can I say?

Twas the Day after Halloween

Originally published on Nov. 1, 2007

Twas the day after Halloween and all through the place
Goofy grins were plastered on every kids face.

The sweet smell of candy pervaded the air
Wrappers lay strewn through the house everywhere.

The kids flew from room to room bouncing and twirling
While mom in her jammies, thought about hurling.

She held her poor head, tried to block out the light
She should not have snuck so much candy last night.

But the Runts and the Nerds and the Smarties so yummy!
Stop after just one? Not so said her tummy.

She ate then she slept and when first light, it came
She found herself hearing her kids yell her name.

“Momma I’m hungry for candy,” one said
While the other did cartwheels atop of her bed.

She looked at the clock and then let out a moan
“It’s 5 in the morning! Please, leave me alone!”

But the sugar that still buzzed through each kiddos brain
Gave them energy they found they just could not contain.

The day came too early, the mamma too tired
The house all a clutter and kids super wired.

Mamma’s grumpy and sleepy and feeling quite green
Maybe she will be smarter the next Halloween.

© Summer Owens 2007-2008

(but probably not)

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