Cleavage? No thanks!

So I’ve been thinking about writing this post for a week or so, hoping that in so doing I would not offend any of my readers.

I’ll start by saying that I was raised in a church where modesty is heavily emphasized. Members of our church are counselled not to wear tank tops, revealing shirts that have low cut neck lines or that are very tight, short shorts, mini skirts - you get the picture. I follow this counsel always, though sometimes it would be dang nice to wear a tank top in the summer.

Anyway, the only time I wear anything revealing is when I’m in a swim suit. Mine is officially a two piece but it looks like a one piece because it has a long top and a skirted bottom, so no midriff showing (no one would want to see the belly jelly anyway), but I’m still slightly uncomfortable in it because it offers no support up top (what swimsuit does) and that make for the tiniest bit of cleavage.

So our family was all dressed for swimming one day last week and we took the elevator in our complex down to the main floor. I was right in front of the door and as it opened I saw a middle aged man standing there. Our eyes met for just a split second but then it was like a magnet, and his eyes were staring right at my chest.

I have never felt more uncomfortable or exposed in my life. I know it’s an automatic draw for dudes and I’m sure or at least I hope it was unintentional. But man, I’ve never had that happen before and I hope it never happens again. I’m very glad I don’t wear anything on a normal basis that reveals even a little bit of cleavage. I won’t think ill of you if you do, but for reasons just like the example above I’m very glad I’ve been raised to be very modest.

What about you, have you ever had a man look at you in a way that made you uncomfortable? Male readers, any input on anything I’ve said?

Scared for my Daughter

I’ve been watching, So You Think You Can Dance, this season. I think the way people can move their bodies is amazing. However, last week during the results show they had a performance from an evidently well known musical group, the Pussy Cat Dolls.

Just upon hearing that name, I knew I would be disgusted with them but disgust doesn’t adequately describe my opinion of that raunchy group of women.

So many women, liberated by the feminist rights movement, have chosen to become sex objects, figuring that the fact that they could choose it, makes it ok. It’s sick, it’s frustrating and I am so afraid my daughter will adopt role models like that. Blatant sexualization of women is everywhere, and even mothers seem to be encouraging it. Do you think the skanky high selling Bratz dolls would still be on the market if mothers weren’t buying them?

What about the example they see every day? When your daughter sees you looking in the mirror does she hear comments about your weight, your figure, your boobs? They learn from the earliest days that appearance is what matters. Even I am guilty of it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to be clean and presentable and to keep our bodies healthy but somehow we’ve got to get the message through to our girls, that being fit or skinny or pretty, while fine, is not where true value lies.

Recipe For A Beautiful Woman

Kindness in the eyes
Modesty of tongue
An empathetic heart
A smile for everyone
These small but beautiful things you do
Will radiate in your appearance too

By Summer Owens

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