Ya Think?

Label: Butter Toffee Peanuts

What else do you see?


Here’s a closer shot:

Allergy Info: May contain Peanuts

Ya Think?!?

My first Wedding Cake

Don’t scrutinize it too closely or you’ll notice what a hurry I was in. For some reason the large chunk of time taken away from me by the 10 hour trip to and from St. George the day before the reception, didn’t seem like such a big deal until I was in the middle of getting everything together. Plus I didn’t anticipate having to make all the floral arrangements myself. There was a miscommunication with the florist so I ended up doing most of the arrangements you see. Like the large one in the middle, the one on top and several of the little ones (my mom did the other little ones).

The cake was very unsatisfactory for my expectations of myself, but it exceeded the bride and grooms expectations so I’ll have to be content with that. It was my first attempt at fondant drapery as well. I don’t know what I was thinking when I said I would do ANY cake my dear sister wanted. This was definitely the most difficult cake I’ve ever decorated. I’ve told my youngest sister that I hope she’ll choose one that involves less work whenever she gets married. Ha!

Summer Fun Photo Contest

There is still a little bit of time to enter the Summer Fun Photo Contest at 5 Minutes for Mom. I had completely forgotten about it until they posted a reminder earlier today. So here is my photo entry, a picture I feel captures the essence of Summer: Water, fun and more time with Daddy.

That’s my hubby throwing our 6 year old halfway across the pool at a friends house. It was actually Count Dooku’s idea and he begged my husband to do it over and over again.

Why not?

Sparkly nails…

…pigtail braids and lots of blue eyeshadow.

I guess I was feeling young at heart yesterday.

One day in the Big Apple

Taken from the 102nd floor of the Empire State Building

“The city of right angles and tough, damaged people -Pete Hamill

Well, my mother and I must have been there on a good day because we didn’t run into people any meaner than I was already use to in this trashy city o’ mine, which shall remain nameless. :)

So, some of you may have noticed I’ve been rather sporadic in my commenting of late and it’s because I’m still adjusting to life without my wonderful momma. She flew out and stayed with us for a week and oh, was it wonderful! I miss her terribly and I long for the interactions my children don’t get to have with their extended family members. So a visit is always a wonderful thing.

Yes, a visit from my mom means a date night or two with my husband. It means running to the store for something I forgot without having to drag all three kids out too. It means late nights spent playing Boggle, Cribbage, Rummikub and Take Two. And this year it meant taking a day trip to New York City, just me and her. I’ve lived within doable driving distance for 6 years and finally I made it, with my mom who had never been there before either.

Riding the Ferry out to Liberty Island. (Gosh I hope I look as good as my mom does when I’m 50)

At Ground Zero

This is Trinity Church, which was not a stop on our agenda but we happened to walk by it and it sucked me in. Some of you know I am an avid genealogist and am obsessed with love old church’s and cemeteries. This church and cemetery is smack dab in the middle of the city yet it seemed so tranquil there. I was in heaven looking at the ancient headstones (ca. 1700’s) and the architecture inside and out is breathtaking.

Here we are after hiring a bicycle taxi which I highly recommend, as they can veer in and out of traffic and if you love feeling a, gentler than a car with the top down, wind in your face. We had a blast on our short little ride.

Just a small portion of Times Square, from the seat of our bicycle taxi.

We had a great time with gramma around and a fantastic day in New York City!

Flaming Beauty

If tulips were people

This is Modest Mary. She looks a bit plain from the outside
but her true beauty shines from within.

This is Graceful Gabby. She is lovely inside and out and well
rounded besides.

This is Wild Wendy. She prefers a look untamed, just for the
sake of shock value. And of course, she’s all about having fun.

This is Confused Claire. She’s a lot like modest Mary, but she wants
to be like her friend Wild Wendy. She’s a bit overzealous at times in trying
to be someone she’s not. She’s still working on finding the right balance.

This is Flirtatious Felicity. She’s got good looks and she likes to flaunt it.
She makes an extra effort to outshine her peers in the garden.

And what have we here?

A pet hedgehog? In the tulip garden? It’s so flippin’ cute!
Must get one!
Back to the subject at hand.

Which tulip are you?


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