Vacation plans don’t go the way you planned? Here’s how you can make it successful

Making vacation plans successful was always a difficult task, even before the COVID-19 pandemic. However, nowadays, planning the perfect trip abroad or even across the country can make you lose your hair overnight. From country to country, the coronavirus regulations and restrictions differ, making it quite a puzzle to solve for tourists.


But what if we tell you it’s not as bad as it might seem? What if you successfully plan your trip and even save money while you’re at it? Well, it’s all possible with proper planning. This is true for both family and other types of trips. In the following text, we’ll discuss some good ideas that will make your vacation one to remember.

Always Take the Initiative

Let’s make things clear from the start — every trip needs a leader. No matter if you’re going with your family, lover, or a group of friends, someone needs to take the initiative. Either way, it’s best if you’re that one person who’s leading the way, isn’t it? We stand by this fully. Here’s why you should take the initiative to have a box office vacation.


Firstly, the more, the more opinions there will be about what places to visit and what hotels to stay at. Hence, someone needs to decide before people start going for each other’s throats. But if you’re the one taking the initiative some time pre-trip, the chances are that you’ll plan the vacation to your liking and your liking only.

Stick to Your Plan

After you have taken the initiative, it will be time to plan things thoroughly. To do so, you must ask yourself and the group — optionally, of course — three important questions.


  1. Which trip suits and is within your budget?
  2. Do you need a travel agent, or can you manage on your own?
  3. Will you be flying or driving?


Once you answer these three questions, there’s only one thing left — stick to your plan. There’s nothing worse than changing how you’ll go about something in the middle of the process. That is, unfortunately, especially true when it comes to planning vacations. Since all details depend on one another, changing just one can mean an awful experience.

List Down All Your Needs

Like the last tip, this one involves asking and answering some questions. That is, it would be a good idea to list down which activities you and your posse require when traveling. These can include a wide range of ideas and needs, from mini excursions and sightseeing to pools and spas for relaxation.


But why is this so important? Can’t you do it on the spot? Well, no. Most of these additional tours and rest activities require a reservation. Therefore, it would be a smart idea to book all these secondary events, trips, and activities before you arrive at your destination spot. It will save you time, energy, and money, as booking on the spot is more expensive.

Set Up a Budget

Although the previous three tips are significant, setting up a budget is critical. How so? Well, in essence, it will affect your whole experience. From where you’re going to go to how much fun you’ll be able to have, money is at the root of it all. Therefore, it’s key to determine the amount you’re willing/able to spend.


With a well-balanced budget, it’s more than possible to stay at a great hotel and even pay for gas and get souvenirs for friends and family. However, you don’t have to spend big to have the time of your life and a great travel experience overall. Even a tight budget allows for affordable travel planning if you cut a few unnecessary corners.

Collect Funds From Involved People

This tip is exclusively for people who’re going on a vacation with friends. Namely, it’s about collecting money from everyone involved for the expenses. And in case you’re going on a Christmas vacation with family, well, you’ll be the one paying, right? We can’t think of a scenario where you take your kids and take their money.


Nevertheless, no matter if you’re the leader of your little posse on a trip, everyone needs to chip in equally. Of course, if someone isn’t keen on a certain museum tour or private beach, they don’t need to pay. But for everyone else involved, they must empty their wallets before you can proceed any further. It’s only logical, right?


Unfortunately, this isn’t exactly the most pleasant part of any vacation planning. Asking people for money can be pretty awkward, especially if they’re not as wealthy as others but still want to go. But there shouldn’t be any emotional baggage in this. It’s better to collect on time than to find out later that someone doesn’t have the money to pay you back.

Contact Necessary People for the Trip

Regardless of whether you’re planning a vacation by yourself or via a travel agency, you’ll need to contact a few people first. Of course, the latter means fewer calls, as travel agents are there to make your trip easier and carefree. Yet, you still need to find a suitable agency and then reach out to them before you can think about other necessities.


But, if you’re on your own, prepare to dial those digits unlike ever before. That includes transport agencies such as taxis and Ubers, hotel staff, resort employees, and all others whose service you might require. Once again, it’s key to make these arrangements before you head out. In case you don’t, you might find it difficult once you get there.


Before we move on, we need to mention one more thing concerning contacting the right people. Namely, if you’re heading abroad, it’s best to have your embassy’s number just in case. You never know what might happen when in a foreign country. From losing your passport to other, worse scenarios, it’s best to play it safe and have them in your contacts.

Ask For Help

Like with most things in life, there are certain moments when all of us need help. No matter how capable or self-reliant one is, some obstacles are just too big for us to skip past. This is especially true when on vacation in a foreign country. The thing is — if you don’t speak the language, getting by might be more than problematic.

But no, we’re not on about ordering drinks and food but finding directions and less popular sites. Situations like these are even more common when you’re not traveling via a travel agency and on your own. However, there’s no need to despair. If you lose yourself at some point, do ask for help on social media or simply Google your way through.

Do Activities for Everyone to Enjoy

Our last tip is to plan a vacation that will suit all members of your traveling squad. This goes for both family and party trips. In case you and your partner are with kids, do think about them and their idea of fun. Don’t just go around dining in fancy restaurants or small taverns that offer traditional cuisine — check some amusement parks as well.


On the other hand, if you’re heading out somewhere with your friends, and you’re all into partying, it’s simple. Make sure each of your posse’s members gets at least a glimpse of something that spells fun for them. Spread your horizons, check out beach parties as well as nightclubs, ride bikes or cruise the shoreline. Either way, don’t forget to have fun.